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Bren Esports takes first S8 win, spoils Kelra comeback

Bren Esports

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - After four matches and seven games played, Bren Esports finally get their first win of MPL Philippines Season 8 as they trip down Omega in two games to begin their three-game Week 3 campaign.

Bren revealed the usual jungler Malik as a gold laner, replacing long-time starter Pheww, while Omega has finally rendered the services of fellow gold laner Kelra after a five-match suspension before the season/

The MSC 2021 champs fielded a gold lane Beatrix to go with Paquito, Khufra, Kagura, and Hayabusa, while the M2 champs went with Alice, Popol and Kupa, Selena, Lapu-lapu, and KarlTzy's comfort Benedetta.

KarlTzy found a hard time early in the game as he gave two early deaths to Omega, with Bren trailing in the first few minutes.

However, it was Bren who take the mid game with the team vision thanks to Selena's wards, locating Omega heroes one by one.

Lusty's Popol and Kupa, and Ribo's Selena made wonders with their setup plays, trapping all but Kelra in the clash and killing all four Omega players, en route to a 21 minute victory for Bren.

It was FlapTzy's 1/1/10 KDA with 85 percent kill participation who was named MVP as he helped his teammates both in damaging more squishy Omega heroes as well as taking damage with defensive items such as Athena's Shield and Dominance Ice.

Bren then went on to game two with a experience lane Chou, a mid lane Angela, and another KarlTzy comfort in Ling, while Omega went to a double mage setup with Lunox and Pharsa and a singature Ch4knu Khufra.

The Season 6 champs did what vintage Bren did and dominated the game from start to end as Lusty made significant plays with Ribo's Angela and Lusty's Grock, getting Omega heroes one by one from the get go.

Omega has nothing to answer as Bren were always two steps ahead with their vision and objective takes, forcing them to retreat early in the mid game.

From there it was all Bren Esports as they dealt Omega with their fifth loss of the season, with Lusty's 2/2/7 KDA leading the way for their first win.

Bren will go to their second win against defending champs Blacklist International, while Omega will try to once again hunt for their second win against TNC Pro Team.

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