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Bren gets 3td straight win with sweep of ONIC

Bren Esports

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Bren Esports extended their win streak to three as they dismantle ONIC Philippines within two games to end their Week 5 campaign of MPL Philippines Season 8.

Bren revealed their main five to go against ONIC, while ONIC went still with Kairi and Baloyskie duo with the HBD lineup of Hatred, Beemo, and Dlarskie.

Bren Esports went for a gold lane Chou and a support Harley to complement Natan, Khufra, and Yu Zhong, while ONIC went to a Claude and Uranus side lane to match with Jawhead, Yve, and the return of the jungle Alucard.

ONIC went to get more kills in the first five minutes but Bren hold on to an even game with them getting two early turtles to match the economy game.

Bren continued their sneaky plays, getting ONIC heroes and clipping the opponent's jungle to limit the map control and force ONIC to answer their aggression.

From there the world champions sustained the ONIC game to get the first win of the series with FlapTzy getting the 4/4/3 record for MVP considerations.

ONIC went into the second game with the Angela-Ling combo to go with Kaja, Thamus, and Popol and Kupa, while Bren drafted a jungle Paquito, side lane Benedetta, and Eudora to go with Beatrix and Khufra.

Both two games engaged in exchange of kills for the first seven minutes to contest map control and objectives, with the slight lead going in seesaw for both teams.

However, Bren get the upper hand in the mid game with several pickoffs that converted into objective takes, including the third lord take, mainly initiated by Pheww's Eudora.

From there, Bren didn't looked back, scored a lord take and cornered ONIC heroes to get the sweep against their opponents led by KarlTzy's 7/1/6 with the Paquito and Lusty's 1/0/10 with the Khufra.

ONIC will look to bounce back as they will head to a match against NXP Evos on Sunday, while Bren will try to extend their streak aqgainst TNC Pro Team on October 2.

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