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Echo ends three-game lose skid with win vs. TNC sans 3marTzy, Light

Echo Philippines

MANILA - Echo snapped their three-game losing skid as the take their win against TNC Pro Team with a quick 2-0 sweep to start Week 4 of MPL Philippines Season 8.

The former Aura Philippines squad got their third sweep win of the season as well, while TNC took their third straight loss since winning the series against Bren Esports last Week 2.

Rk3 returns to the active Echo roster and Rafflesia returns to active play once more after announcing he has contracted coronavirus, while Der and Benthings made their MPL-PH debut in lieu of 3marTzy and Light.

Echo went to three magic damage combo of Kagura, Lunox, and Pos5 Mathilda, to go with Thamuz and Hayabusa, while TNC went to a mid Alice and the deadly duo of Angela and Ling to go with Ruby and Beatrix in the sidelanes.

Echo went for map control in the early game as the invade the side of TNC in their lanes, while TNC went to pressure Bennyqt with his Lunox.

The invades paid off thanks to Echo's potential for early game aggression, but with the late game potential TNC heroes has, their plan foiled as Rafflesia's Mathilda and Rk3's Kagura made several rotations and roams that costed Chuuu's invades fail with the Ling.

Despite several attempts for fightbacks from TNC, Echo with their grouped attack mode pick TNC heroes one by one after Bennyqt took the lone lord for the game.

From there it was all Echo in less than 25 minutes of game play as they did not let TNC get their late game potential and take the first game, with Rafflesia's defensive-minded Mathilda getting a 3/1/4 KDA.

TNC went to a support Diggie and an offlane Baxia to complement with the jungle Paquito in Chuuu's hands, Lunox, and Beatrix, while Echo went to a gold-lane Chou, a support Selena, and a hard tank in Barats to go with Lancelot and Thamuz.

With their early game aggression and control, TNC managed to hold on Echo's attempts to take the game control from the get go as they get significant pickoffs, but still found no answers against Bennyqt and the rarely-used gold-lane Chou.

With a more rather tanked lineup, Echo went on to control the economy game, getting all three turtles and the two lords in the game.

Realizing their potential to take the game and TNC's late game damage not enough, Echo went for a 1-0-4 GG push to seal the deal and take their much needed win with only seven kills to TNC's six.

Bennyqt, with his offensive Chou with Demon Hunter Sword and Windtalker, was named MVP with a 2/0/2 KDA and 57 percent kill participation.

TNC will try to look for answers as they will take RSG Philippines on Saturday, while Echo will take a tough task as they will take Blacklist International on the same day.

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