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Echo gets revenge against ONIC in three-game drama

    Echo Philippines

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Echo managed to avenge their first week loss against rivals ONIC Philippines as they clipped a 2-1 comeback in a dramatic fashion on their rematch at MPL Philippines Season 8 Sunday.

It was a back-and-forth game from start to end until a two-against-four clash in the third game sealed the deal in favor of the former Aura Philippines squad.

Echo went for a tank Mathilda along with two mages in Kagura and Pharsa and two cores in Benedetta and Roger, while ONIC went for susrain in Ruby, Kaja, Popol and Kupa, and Grock with Ling in the jungle.

ONIC went to a great start in the early game, getting the jungles thanks to Beemo's vision with his Grock as well as Kairi's Ling, getting four kills against Echo in the first six minutes.

Echo, despite getting former teammate's Baloyskie's Popol and Kupa once, has found a hard time keeping up with the ONIC split push and rotation as the aggression from Hatred's Kaja gets Echo heroes one by one, limiting their map control for Kairi to solo take the lord.

From there, ONIC wasted no time as their power spiked up until Echo cannot hold on and take the win in Game 1 despite losing Kairi in the process, with Hatred getting 5/0/4 KDA and Beemo getting no deaths with seven assists.

Echo went to a double vision combo og Popol and Kupa and Selena in Game 2 along with Ling, Thamus, and Harith, while ONIC went for a signature Greed Natalya with Lancelot, Mathilda, Chou, and Esmeralda.

Echo went to a better start in the first six minutes, getting more of the kills and objectives against ONIC despite vision from Natalya.

ONIC went to a three-member team fight along with two side lanes pushing but Echo still manages to get the team fight wins as they clip mid lane heroes from ONIC one at a time.

However, despite Echo taking Kairi down, Ryota's Chou made them retreat as he pushed the bottom lane down to the last turret, prompting KurtTzy's Thamus to fight back and make Ryota retreat.

Both ONIC and Echo engaged in the series of team fights from the top lane to the bottom lane, getting Baloyskie and Kairi in the process but at the exchange of Hadess.

Echo went to get Kairi from the other side after getting the lord in the process, thanks to KurtTzy delaying three ONIC players at his expense.

A team fight near the ONIC's purple buff pit proved to be the final hurrah for the yellow squad in the second game as Baloyskie was put down at the expense of Bennyqt and Rk3, but Hadess quickly went to the exposed mid lane and get the GG push to force the third game.

Rk3 went to get a 10/2/6 KDA while Rafflesia went to assist 14 times with his Popol and Kupa with just a death.

ONIC went to full vision as they pair Selena and Popol and Kupa with Yi Sun-shin along with Lunox and Thamus, while ONIC went fpr a jungle Benedetta and a mid Beatrix to pair with sustains Gloo, Chou, and Kaja.

ONIC went to get three kills in the first eight minutes compared to Echo's none but the former Aura Philippines keeps balance with the economy game, getting more objectives in the process.

Without a single kill in their favor, Echo however continued to get their superior map aggression, getting control of ONIC's jungles and eventually getting the sanctuary lord.

Three ONIC heroes went to push the bottom lane at the expense of Kairi as three Echo heroes chased the Benedetta in the top lane, making the field even.

A clash in the top lane spelled doom at the end of the low-scoring game for ONIC, as despite losing Bennyqt's Lunox, Echo managed to hold on and get Hatred and Baloyskie, ending in a 2v2 showdown until Bennqyt managed to catch up in time to force the GG push in Echo's favor, with Hadess' Yi Sun-shin getting the 8/0/4 KDA leading all players with 100% kill participation.

ONIC remained in second with 17 points while getting the third loss of the season while Echo improved to 4-5 record and 13 points.

ONIC will try to bounce back against Omega on September 24, while Echo will try to get their streak going against RSG Philippines on September 25.

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