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'Kingslayers' RSG continues win streak with sweep of favorites Omega

RSG Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - RSG Philippines continued their winning ways as they dealt Omega their sixth loss of the season with a sweep to end their Week 4 campaign, establishing further their "kingslayer" moniker.

Both teams fielded their main five without mid-game substitutions, but it was Panda's men who stand atop with their aggressive playstyle against late-game setups from an Omega squad laden with MSC 2021 winning members from Execration.

RSG went to a two-assassin setup with a jungle Ling and a side lane Benedetta for Nathzzz to go with Esmeralda, Angela, and Beatrix, while Omega went with Ruby, Lunox, Lancelot, Jawhead, and Alice.

The new boys on the block dictated the early game for the first seven minutes wth eigth kills in the first seven minutes, mostly targeting Kielvj's Lancelot and Renzio's Ruby.

A lord take in the 10th minute put the advantage to RSG even further as without Renzio and E2MAX's Lunox in equation, Demonkite's Lancelot led an onslaught on the three remaining Omega members with the lord in their side.

Omega however successfully defended their base at the expense of one turret as RSG's damage is not enough to push beyond the bottom inhibitor turret.

Omega managed to trim down the huge RSG PH gold lead down to three thousand as they get significant pickoffs, including one off a four-team play against Demonkite with Ch4knu's Jawhead leading the charge. Another team clash went into a 2-1 Omega win with Nathz and Aqua going down but at the expense of their core Kielvj in the top lane.

RSG however get their momentum back with a five-man team fight for both teams, with the tanking capacity of RSG enough to sustain and take down E2MAX and Kielvj, but a potential GG push is cancelled as Iy4knu's Esmeralda fell down.

From there it was all RSG who get the better of the clashes including the one leading to a GG call from RSG in the middle lane jungle near the RSG side, getting the cores before taking down Kelra's Alice and Renzio, leaving Ch4knu alone to defend but to no avail.

Demonkite get his 100th season assist with a 8/1/10 KDA while his partner Heath in an ANgela registered 5/3/14 with 83 percent kill participation.

RSG retains the Ange-Ling and Esmeralda trio, now paired with a Kagura and Lapu Lapu while Omega retained Benedetta, Jawhead, and Alice with Eudora and Baxia.

THe Panda-led boys went for another hot start in the early game, getting four kills and a turtle in the process for the first four minutes, with Omega having a hard time counerting the RSG mobility.

A second turtle again fell into the hands of Demonkite with two bonus kills in Renzio's Baxia and Kielvj's Benedetta in subsequent clashes.

RSG's tempo continued throughout the mid-game as they constrict Omega's map control to give Demonkite a solo third turtle take without much worry.

Omega somehow answered with a kill to Aqua's Kagura and Nathz's Lapu Lapu in exchange of Ch4knu and E2MAX's Eudora, the latter ofter a target of RSG's high-octane offense, leading to an uncontested lord take by the newest team.

From there, it was all RSG for the taking as they continued their aggression without losing a single member en route to a GG push to get the sweep, with Demonkite's Ling registering a 6/0/8 KDA with a 100 percent kill participation.

RSG will try to keep the momentum as they will go against a rejuvenated Echo squad on September 25, while Omega will try to avenge their loss up against ONIC PH on September 24.

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