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Nexplay Evos take 2nd straight W with sweep of RSG

Nexplay Evos

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Nexplay Evos extended their winning streak to two as they took down RSG PH within two games to begin Week 3 of MPL Philippines Season 8.

Nexplay Evos get their usual starting five of Renejay, H2WO, Yawi, Jeymz, and YellyHaze, while RSG fielded four of their usual five but sit Iy4knu for the meantime to start former Nexplay player Exort.

RSG PH went for a double-double, two mages and two tanks in their roster along with a Hayabusa jungle, while NXPE went to their comforts of Roger, Chou, and X.Borg, even blocking a potential Exort Lunox pick.

NXPE went to a hot start, giving problems to RSG in the early game and targeting sidelane heroes of the latter, while YellyHaze and H2WO took care of the mid lane.

It was in the mid game that RSG take control of the map with their AOE skills with their mages Alice of Exort and Pharsa of Aqua, controlling NXPE and getting the first lord of the game.

Nexplay engaged into a team fight with a Yawi conceal but nobody falls into casualty as RSG sustains are enough to survive the team fight, even pushing back NXPE.

But Chou and Jeymz' X.Borg proved they can sustain and as well as they pushed back a potential RSG PH lord challenge, giving H2WO's Roger the comfort of a solo lord take.

However, RSG defended well in the bottom lane despite the NXPE lord, eliminating all but Jeymz as the Nexplay damages were all sustained by all RSG heroes.

Both teams contested for a luminous lord but it was Jeymz' Last Insanity that secures the main objective while getting all but Aqua and Exort in the lord pit, and from there it was all NXPE as they ran to the RSG base to claim the first win with Yawi's 0/4/9 KDA getting the MVP nod.

RSG went to another sustain lineup with a tank Jawhead and Esmeralda and Uranus on the sidelanes, while NXPE went to an H2WO signature Ling and Yawi's Khufra along with X.Borg, Valir, and Lylia.

The newcomers went to a dominant start as they get their heroes aggressive from the get go, getting mostly Yawi and YellyHaze in the first ten minutes.

With NXPE's backs against the wall, RSG PH continued their aggression with Aqua's Kagura leading the charge with his 4/0/0 KDA in the early to mid game, as well as the rest of the RSG heroes getting all the turtles and the first lord.

Despite several fightbacks from NXPE with Yawi taking initiative, RSG's sustains proved enough as they withstand all damage en route to a second lord take by Demonkite's Hayabusa and Exort's Esmeralda.

However, NXPE's damages became more evident in the late game as RSG sustain heroes fall one by one, eventually getting the third lord of the game en route to a 2-0 win by Nexplay Evos with H2WO's Ling getting the MVP nod with a 4/1/0 KDA.

RSG will get their second of their three games this week on Saturday against Onic Philippines in search of their third win, while Nexplay Evos will attempt to continue their streak against Echo.

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