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'Nexplay way' shows up as NXPE gets first S8 win vs. rivals Omega

Nexplay Evos

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - It was a back and forth play, but Nexplay Evos has the last roar.

Nexplay Evos finally get their first win of the season as they claim a 2-1 victory over Omega Esports to cap Week 2 of MPL Philippines Season 8.

A last-minute shot call costed Omega the series as the lord take went to naught with Renejay and H2WO ran towards the exposed mid lane of Omega.

Omega fielded a mid lane Beatrix and a gold lane Lunox to pair with Paquito, Hayabusa, and Popol and Kupa, while Yawi went for a sustain tank with Barats along with Yi Sun-shin, Thamuz, Alice, and Selena for Nexplay Evos.

NXPE went for early two kills courtesy of YellyHaze's Selena but Omega answered with kills from E2MAX's Beatrix and Renzio's Paquito.

Omega however found themselves trailing in the mid game as they were forced by Nexplay Evos to split up with Renejay pushing in the top lane and being choked up in return.

NXPE started to be aggresive near the Omega base but at the expense of three as Renzio and Ch4knu's Popol and Kupa led the fightback, eliminating Yawi, Renejay, and H2WO.

Omega attempted to contest the lord but to no avail as Renejay eliminated Renzio, Ch4knu, and E2MAX and getting the lord before the 12th minute, and from there it was Nexplay Evos who dominated the MSC 2021 champs to a 1-0 win.

Nexplay captain YellyHaze led his team with a 5/1/2 KDA while Yawi recorded 4/3/4, and Renejay's 4/1/4 KDA gave him the MVP nod.

Omega went to a Raizen Paquito with a jungle Saber and a Ch4knu tank Chou, while Nexplay Evos fielded a signature Yawi Jawhead and gold lane Kaja for Renejay.

Omega went for an early game aggression, getting two early kills to YellyHaze's Lylia and Renejay, but NXPE fought back to level up the playing field.

Nexplay however lost three in the process as Kielvj's  Saber and E2MAX's Kagura countered the loss of Ch4knu and Raizen, leading to a mid game map control to Omega as they get their third straight turtle.

Omega went to control the rest of the game but a series of skirmishes put Nexplay ahead of the economy game, capped by a wipeout of Omega in the middle lane and a luminous lord courtesy of H2WO's Hayabusa.

However, a failed initiation from Yawi targeted Renzio instead of the cores, leading to an Omega fight back which resulted to all heroes being wiped out started by a E2MAX's Yin-yang overturn and leveling the map.

Despite NXPE's attempts to salvage the fight, all Omega heroes were tank enough to withstand all Nexplay damage leading to a lord take by the former Execration squad.

From there, Omega attempted to end the second game in the 22nd minute but a Yawi save to H2WO costed Kielvj, until E2MAX burst down YellyHaze and it was all Omega to take the equalizer, 1-1,, with E2MAX registering 9/4/11.

Nexplay went to another Yawi special in Akai with a gold lane Paquito and Hayabusa from H2WO while Omega secured the Lancelot for Kielvj along with Renzio's Gloo and signature Pharsa from E2MAX.

Omega went to a ranked game double lane strategy with Raizen's Alice getting gold from the top and middle lanes to give Omega the advantage in gold. Nexplay Evos in turn forced Omega ton engaged in team fights in the mid lane mostly targeting E2MAX.

Raizen however took over in the  mid game as he registrered three kills and four assists in the mid game, letting Omega to take care of the rest of the map.

A mid lane clash went in the favor of Omega as Jeymz, Yawi, and Renejay falling down with their tower in exchange of supports Ch4knu and Raizen, pushing H2WO and YellyHaze back.

Omega attempted a lord take but Nexplay Evos get a successful challenge, losing four Omega heroes in the process despite Nexplay being struck first, getting the luminous lord in their side.

NXPE went for a base push but Ch4knu made several game-saving ejectors to push back the Evos-backed side capped by a kill off Jeymz's Barats.

However, with the lord take being challenged by only three Nexplay guys, E2MAX took the lord but it was Renejay and H2WO who took the last laugh as they managed to split push in the middle lane to steal the win against Omega.

H2WO registered a 5/2/5 KDA, Yawi recorded 1/5/6, while Renejay tallied three kills and five assists to give the first win to Nexplay Evos.

NXPE will try to continue their momentum as they will take RSG Philippines on September 10, while Omega will play in the same day as they will go toe to toe against Bren Esports.

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