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NXP Evos dominates Echo for 3rd win

Nexplay Evos

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Nexplay Evos ended their Week 3 on a high note as they trample Echo with a 2-0 win to continue their winning ways in the MPL Philippines Season 8.

Former BNK Blu Fire player Aaronqt, then known as Limz, made his comeback now as Echo's midlaner, replacing Rk3, while Nexplay continue to use their usual first five with captain YellyHaze on the helm.

NXPE went to comfort picks with Haze's Selena and H2WO Ling, while Echo went to a more sustain lineup with late-game potential with a jungle Aldous.

Nexplay started strong in the first six minutes with the pokes and vision to Yawi's Popol and Kupa and YellyHaze's Selena, locating Echo's potential hiding spots with eight early kills.

However, a second turtle challenge by lord teams went into Echo's favor as despite being late in positioning, they took the objective with retribution along with four kills to all but H2WO.

H2WO made highlight kills including a mid-air execution of Hadess' Aldous and a sidestep one of Aaronqt's Kagura.

With the H2WO split push and the NXPE lord take, Echo went back to their bases and force to defend but to no avail as Hadess was forced to go out of the base for a Chase Fade only for Renejay to take him down and it was all NXPE for Game 1, 21-14, led by Renejay's Kaja's 8/3/5 KDA.

NXPE went to their comfort picks again of Ling, Jawhead, and Thamuz, while Echo went to a Roger core, a gold lane Paquito, and Rafflesia's signature Chou.

Nexplay dominated the early game with their comforts and choked Echo's resources earlier to establish total map control with the Jawhead-Ling combo.

Despite fightbacks from Echo, all three turtles went to Nexplay Evos and still getting kills, targeting Rafflesia's Chou and Bennyqt's Paquito.

Nexplay continued to dominate the map game, eventually getting the luminous lord en route to a 2-0 sweep with H2WO's Ling with a 6/1/6 KDA.

Echo will go back to Week 4 as they will take against TNC Pro Team on September 17 while Nexplay Evos will try to go for their fourth win against Bren Esports on September 19.

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