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Omega takes all 3 points with beatdown of TNC Pro

Smart Omega Esports
by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Omega Esports bounced back on their loss against Bren Esports as they take down TNC Pro Team to finish their first half of their MPL Philippines Season 8 regular season campaign.

It was a game of different tempos for Omega as they take the first game in typical late game Omega fashion, and the second was explosive and dominant from the get go.

Both teams fielded their usual five, with Kelra getting his second match of the season while TNC hasn't used a substitution since the start of the tournament.

Omega took a Kielvj comfort Lancelot along with a tank Baxia and an offlane X.Borg, while TNC Pro picked a 3marTzy special Uranus and a roaming Jawhead with Chuuu on the Ling.

TNC started well in the forst game as they gave Ch4knu a hard time as well as a quick kill to Kielvj courtesy of P-God's Kagura and 3marTzy.

Omega meanwhile get their rhythm going in the early game and used their early game advantage to establish map control and control the game tempo in their side as they take kills more technically rather than explosive.

From there, the Smart-backed side used Kelra's Esmeralda's aggression as well as E2MAX's Selena's arrows to separate a potential TNC team up and outbox them in objectives, leading to a luminous lord take, an all TNC outer turrets going down.

However, a Kelra death on Chuuu's Ling, who's already struggling, gives TNC the leverage to get Omega distracted in their lord take and have TNC the comfort to take one for themselves and turn the game in their favor.

Kelra was then slained under his own turret, leading to a Kielvj defense but a Light's Jawhead's Ejector was enough to toss him up to nearby TNC teammates and take him down in an instant, saving Chuuu in the process.

A Ch4knu initiative took down P-GOD and 3marTzy and it is enough to make TNC retreat and take the lord for themselves, and from there it was all Omega to take the first game with Kielvj leading them with a 9/3/5 outing.

Omega drafted a Ling for Kielvj in the second game along with a Kelra Harith, an offlane Barats and a roaming Ch4knu while TNC Pro went to a triple assassin setup with a jungle Lancelot, an offlane Benedetta, and a middle lane Hayabusa while the gold lane switched from Kousei to former Omega player Toshi.

Omega capitalizes on their sustain lineup in the ealry game and punish the more squishy TNC heroes in the early game, giving Toshi as well a hard time mainly courtesy of Kielvj and E2MAX's Pharsa.

TNC, with their late game lineup, got their backs on the wall as they were not able to counter Omega's early aggression and sustain and was on the inferior end of every team fight.

From there, it was all Omega in taking the objectives including the lord, taking the game earlier than expected in less than 13 minutes with E2MAX's 4/0/7 KDA.

Omega, now with nine points in the bag, will try to get more points as they will try to make a season sweep of RSG on September 19 while TNC will take on Echo on September 17.

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