ONIC PH gets seventh win with sweep of Renejay-less NXPE

ONIC Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - ONIC Philippines went full berserk mode as they drub Nexplay EVOS in two games to complete a season sweep in Week 5 of MPL Philippines Season 8.

Nexplay EVOS will field their main lineup but without their prized sidelaner Renejay as Hesa will stand in his place while ONIC PH sends in Baloyskie and Kairi with the new combination of Dlarksie, Markyyyyy and Beemo.

ONIC went to a Ling-Lylia-Grock mid lane wit pair with Kimmy and Yu Zhong at sides, while NXPE went with a jungle Alucard and a side lane Natan and X.Borg, with Selena and Khufra in the mid lane.

The yellow team went to a dominant start, with Kairi getting his kills and objectives fast while limiting NXPE's jungle capability with H2WO's Alucard being more limited.

ONIC continued their aggression from start to end as Kairi went to get more jungles while Dlarskie's Yu Zhong and Markyyyyy's Kimmy dealing with the lanes.

With their eyes on Yawi and H2WO, ONIC went to finish the game within 11 minutes as Markyyyyy's Kimmy opened up BXPE's base for a GG push by ONIC, with Kairi's 6/0/2 KDA.

ONIC went for a debuting Karina jungle with a Claude-Paquito sides and Lylia-Grock mid lane combo, while NXPE went to a core Natan, Selena and Jawhead in the mid, and Yu Zhong and Lunox on the sides.

NXPE once again found themselves in a tough spot as they fell behind ONIC's aggressive start, with Kairi getting significant pickoffs to pressure NXPE.

With all three turtles and two lord take, ONIC continued their aggression with all heroes getting enough damage to burst down NXPE heroes as Baloyskie's Lylia and Kairi has enough damage output.

From there, it was all ONIC as despite bursting down Baloyskie, it was not enough as ONIC's damages were too much to handle with NXPE players falling one by one and Kairi and company calling for the 2-0 GG push.

ONIC improves to 7-4 with 22 points in their name to stay at second while NXPE drops down with 3-6 with 11 points at hand, and they former's win cemented Blacklist International's upper bracket finish with four games to spare.

NXPE will try to get their game going as they will go head to head against Echo on October 1, while ONIC will try to challenge Blacklist International's top seed status on October 3.

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