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ONIC PH stretches streak to 3, knocks Nexplay Evos despite Renejay return

ONIC Philippines

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - ONIC Philippines extended their winning streak to three as they sweep fan favorites Nexplay Evos in two games to start the second week of MPL-PH Season 8.

NXPE chose their comfort heroes Selena, Paquito, and Chou along with Alice and Hayabusa, while Onic choose a double support setup of Kaja and Rafaela with a mid-lane Natan.

Nexplay took the first turtle of the game at the expense of YellyHaze and H2WO as Onic answered with two instant kills.

H2WO and company tried to force ONIC PH players to lure them into a team fight but the yellow and black squad always has answers with Kairi leading the team with three kills and two assists in the first eight minutes.

As the lord falls into the hands of ONIC, Markyyyyy led the final charge, toppling all inhibitor turrets while Nexplay Evos tried to defend but to no avail as Kairi and Markyyyy ended the game within 12 minutes, nine kills to three.

ONIC ditched the mage role in the second game with a midlane Natan again but now with Paquito, X.Borg, and Grock while NXPE took Barats and Khufra with a midlane Kagura from a surprise substitution from Hesa to Renejay.

Nexplay found themselves ahead in the kills department but ONIC PH wins the objective game in the early game.

The two tank lineup of NXP Evos paid dividends as they gain map control from the mid game, forcing ONIC to go on split push and then retreat to defend.

However, ONIC bounced back as they picked off Renejay and H2WO in the bottom lane, taking control of the map in the mid lane en route to a split push and a lord take.

From there, it was all ONIC despite best attempts from Nexplay Evos to contest in the late game courtesy of the lord take by Baloyskie's Natan and a highlight lord split push from Micophobia.

Nexplay Evos, back at the drawing board, will try to look for their first win agaonst Omega Esports while ONIC will look to extend their streak to four as they will go against TNC Pro Team, both on Sunday.

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