ONIC Philippines takes fifth win, adds misery to Bren's campaign

ONIC Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - ONIC Philippines continued their stellar performance in MPL-PH season 8 as they closed Saturday with a 2-0 win over Bren Esports on Week 4.

Despite subbing back Pheww in place of rookie Malik, it helped little as ONIC revealed the MMD rotation of Markyyyyy, Micophobia, and Dlarskie with mainstays Baloyskie and Kairi.

KarlTzy debuted the Aulus in the MPL Philippines scene as a jungler along with Lunox, Esmeralda, Chou, and Beatrix, while ONIC went for the return of Khaleed along with Popol and Kupa, Lancelot, Pharsa, and Baloyskie special Natan.

Markyyyyy went on to have a great start for ONIC PH as his Pharsa ultimate Feathered Airstrike was used both as a finishing move and a zone out mechanic against Bren, prompting their opponents to move out and be prey to ONIC's cores.

A Lusty pickoff on Dlarskie's Khaleed with his Chou made wonders but ONIC retaliated with a lord take plus KarlTzy and Ribo's Lunox.

Baloyskie then proceed with a lord-enhanced push in the top lane, getting all Bren members but KarlTzy in the process.

Bren Esports fought back in the mid lane but was not enough as ONIC then answered and went for a GG push later on to secure the first game with Baloyskie's 8/1/3 leading the team.

Pheww went to get the Natan pick from Onic along with Harith, Popol and Kupa, and the Tzy brothers' signature heroes Lapu Lapu and Benedetta, while ONIC went for a gold lane Kaja and a support Beatrix with Lancelot and Chou along with the return of Yu Zhong in the MPL scene.

Both teams went into team fight after team fight from the fourth minute, getting pickoffs in tight spots including a Lapu Lapu freestyle from FlapTzy at the expense of Kairi in the bottom lane.

KarlTzy led the charge in the mid lane in the 15th minute but to no avail as it costed him and Ribo's Harith's lives, making an opening for ONIC to attack in the middle.

Dlarskie however squandered the chance as he mistakenly went too deep into the Bren base during a possible GG push, costing himself in the process and prompting ONIC to retreat.

ONIC managed to get Bren in a lord bait, costing Pheww and KarlTzy in the process while Dlarskie tanked all possible damage from the remaining Bren players before Kairi and company finished all but Lusty.

With the defensive PNK left, ONIC went for a GG push in the bottom part of the Bren base and secured the series with a 14-14 outing, with Kairi securing the MVP with an 8/1/4 KDA.

Both teams will figure out on Sunday as Bren Esports will try to stop Nexplay Evos's momentum, while ONIC PH will try to extend their streak at the expense of Echo in another MPL PH Clasico.

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