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RSG goes for fifth win, gvie 3mar-less TNC's fifth loss of season

RSG Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - RSG Philippines continued their rally for a winning MPL Philippines season as TNC Pro Team gets its fifth loss of the season after getting a 2-0 sweep in Day 2 of Week 4 of Season 8.

Despite Light going back to the starting lineup and Toshi and Der sitting in for P-God and 3marTzy, the Lift-led five still cannot punch their wins as the quintet of Aqua, Heath, Demonkite, Nathz, and Iy4knu proved too much for the former Work Auster Force team.

RSG went for a jungle Paquito and a side lane Benedetta to pair with Tigreal, Alice, and Kagura, while TNC went for a Pharsa and Beatrix support combo to rotate with a jungle Hayabusa, Thamus, and Jawhead.

The newcomers played the economy game well from the get go, preventing Chuuu's Hayabusa to get comfort buffs and challenging every jungle from TNC Pro, despite Toshi's great start in the gold lane as a Beatrix against Iy4knu's Alice.

But it was TNC's last winning moment of the entire first game as the objectives fell on to RSG Philippines and from there it was Panda's boys who secured the lord and take the first game in 21 minutes, with Heath's Tigreal getting the MVP nod with a 1/1/6 KDA.

It was a quicker Game 2 as RSG's quintet of Lylia, Rafaela, Thamus, Paquito, and Alice fended off a late-game lineup of Phoveus, Ling, Kagura, Natan, and Baxia,

RSG's early game rotations paid dividends as Nathz easily fended off Der's Baxia with his Thamus, with the help of Demonkite's Paquito, while Iy4knu gets his gold farm in the top lane mostly unbothered.

Since winning the economy battle, RSG  made sure the late-game lineup of TNC won't go intro fruition as they went against one TNC tower to another, prompting TNC Pro to go back.

Demonkite's 3/1/4 KDA proved enough to be the MVP of the game as RSG ended the series in a eleven-minute Game 2, 13 kills to five.

TNC will try to end their Week 4 woes as they will face champions Blacklist International tomorrow, while RSG will go against Omega Esports on September 25.

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