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RSG PH clips 4th win, get regular season sweep vs. Bren Esports

RSG Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - RSG Philippines made their presence felt as they take a regular season sweep of Bren Esports as they take down the world champions in three games to get their fourth win of the MPL Philippines Season 8.

Bren maintained Malik for the third consecutive matchup, still putting Pheww in the substitution list, while RSG kept their main five.

RSG went to a offlane X.Borg and an Avarice-powered Esmeralda in Iy4knu's hands to pair the Angela-Ling combo, while Bren went to a jungle Benedetta and a vision-heavy duo of Nana and Popol and Kupa.

Bren found themselves trailing again as they were reacting to RSG's map control mainly by Iy4knu and Aqua's Kagura, while Demonkite and Heath did wonders with the Ling-Angela duo.

RSG used their early game potential to their full extent, getting objectives and the outermost turrets of Bren to get a 2K gold advantage.

However, a lord challenge attempt by Bren proved to be fatar as a Last Insanity from Nathz' X.Borg bursted out KarlTzy's Benedetta, and each RSG player scored a kill each to all Bren heroes as they rush to the Bren base to take the first game 1-0 with Aqua leading the way with a 3/0/7 KDA.

Bren went to a different core with KarlTzy going for the Aldous and a full-sustain lineup of Lunox, Uranus, Barats, and Mathilda, while RSG PH went with a mid lane Beatrix to go with Hayabusa, Popol and Kupa, Alice, and Thamuz.

It  was a slow and back and forth game for both sides, with Bren getting the slight advantage as they take the two turtles in the game courtesy of KarlTzy's Aldous.

With the Bren sustains enough to outbox RSG to get the lord and the three outer turrets, the push to RSG's base proved to be fatal as a single Iy4knu shot call spelled doom to all Bren members to a wipeout, leaving RSG to push the middle lane.

However, Bren managed to hold on, and with their sustain on full extent and countered an RSG team up with their damage that slain Iy4knu and Nathz and it was all Bren Esports to take the second game and force the decider.

RSG drafted the jungle Paquito along with a support Rafaela for a late game lineup while Bren revealed a crowd-control heavy lineup with Jawhead and a surprise Silvanna pick combination in the middle.

RSG went to a hot start in the early game with Aqua's Lylia, Nathz' Gloo, and Demonkite's Paquito getting the kills in the early minutes of the game as  well as two turtles.

With the turtle take in KarlTzy's hands, RSG made amends by taking down Malik's Harith and FlapTzy's Barats to regain their advantage and push back Bren's aggression.

RSG then made significant outbox plays against Bren to get Demonkite the comfort to take the turtle with ease, with Bren cannot challenge from afar, but the push from the bottom side with the lord failed as four RSG heroes fell down and Demonkite forced to retreat.

Lusty, who went too deep with the Unstoppable Force, fall in the hands of the entire RSG squad, and from there it was Bren Esports falling one by one until KarlTzy cannot hold on against five and it was all RSG to take the victory in just 15 minutes, with Heath's Rafaela tallied 0/2/12 and Demonkite's 5/2/8 KDA made wonders.

With their streak still alive, RSG will try to live to their "Kingslayer" moniker as they will take a yet-to-be-defeated Blacklist International on September 17, while Bren Esports will try to look for answers against ONIC PH on September 18.

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