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RSG PH crawls back, secures win vs. Echo

RSG Philippines

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - RSG Philippines came back from a game back to secure a 2-1 upset against Echo Philippines on Week 2 of MPL Philippines Season 8.

RSG fielded the same squad of Demonkite, Aqua, Heath, Nathzz, and Iy4knu for the third straight time while Echo subbed in Jaymeister and Invoker for Rafflesia and KurtTzy, along with Hadess, Rk3, and Bennyqt.

RSG drafted a well-sustaining lineup with Esmeralda, Martis, and Ruby, while Echo fielded a jungler Aldous, a gold lane Natan, and a mid lane combo of Kaja and Khufra.

Hadess took the turtle for Echo from Hadess's Aldous but a Beatrix ultimate from Aqua claims three Echo heroes in the turtle pit clash.

Echo eventually came back in the mid game, after a clash in the upper left side of the map that costed RSG Aqua and Iy4knu in exchange of Rk3.

The former Aura Philippines squad eventually tooK control of the late game map control as they engaged in a team clash that costed RSG a lord take opportunity, which falls into Echo's hands.

Jaymeister led Echo in limiting RSG heroes as Hadess and Bennyqt claimed the luminous lord on their way to a 1-0 win with just seven kills to RSG's five.

RSG drafted a initiating five of Rafaela, Saber, Paquito, Harley, and Kaja, while Echo reversely went to a sustain lineup of Chou, Esmeralda, and Ruby with a midlane Beatrix and Ling.

RSG, with a better pickoff chance against Echo, dominated from the get go as they pick Echo heroes one by one and even on team fights and getting all three turtles and a lord.

Jaymeister has found himself in a hard situation as his Chou setups went to naught from time to time as all RSG heroes have pickoff potential, resulting in eight deaths in just 15 minutes.

However, Echo with the Rk3 Beatrix sacrifice play, paid off as they eliminate all but Nathzz's Paquito and Aqua's Saber en route to a lord take by Hadess and lowering a huge RSG gold lead to just two thousand.

An Iy4knu Divine Judgement from his Kaja spelled doom for Echo as they see one heroes after one fall down, leaving Jay the only one to defend and RSG equalizing the matchup 1-1.

RSG fielded a triple mage setup of Lylia, Kagura, and Esmeralda, while Echo went for a Jawhead and a Paquito with a signature Granger for Hadess.

Echo again found themselves trailing as the early game went to RSG's favor with Hadess building an early Blade of Despair while the triple mage of RSG paid early dividends.

RSG maintained their map control, invading Echo jungles slowly up to their inhibitor turrets going into the late game with Iy4knu's Kagura doing wonders with three kills.

All Echo players then teamed up to slay Nathzz's Esmeralda while RSG punished a solo Invoker's Paquito in the midlane, but it was RSG's game for the taking as they negate all Echo damage to take the third lord and the 2-1 victory.

Echo, now at 2-2, will try to get a win against champions Blacklist International on Sunday, while RSG will attempt to continue their winning ways against Nexplay Evos.

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