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RSG PH takes 7th win with season sweep of Echo

RSG Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - RSG Philippines claims a season sweep of Echo Philippines as they scored another 2-1 win to get their seventh win of MPL PH Season 8.

Both RSG and Echo kept their main five from their last matches, both coming off wins with RSG over Omega and Echo over ONIC PH.

Echo went for a jungle Baxia and stole Iy4knu's Esmeralda to give it to KurtTzy while Bennuqt reveals a return of Karrie to the MPL scene, while RSG went to an X.Borg core, gold lane Natan, and a double sustain setup of Jawhead and Uranus.

Both teams engaged on a high-octane battle with kills in exchange of kills and objectives for objectives, both keeping the map control in balance.

However, an Aqua's Real World Manipulation with the Yve in the ninth minute spelled the difference as it controlled three Echo heroes to their demise, letting Demonkite and company to have a comfortable lord take.

RSG went for a potential GG push but the sustain and damage of Echo was enough to take down three heroes with the burst of RK3's Pharsa and KurtTzy's Esmeralda making wonders.

With the outbox from Echo, they former Aura side take the luminous lord a with two RSG men as collateral, prompting a sudden map control takeover by Echo.

A courtesy of crucial pickoffs to RSG cores as well as spacing out by Rk3 prompted a third lord take which goes in favor of Echo, who then went to the final push to call GG with a 1-0 Echo comeback.

Echo went to the same trip of Pharsa, Baxia, and Rafaela, with a sidelane Beatrix and Yu Zhong, while RSG went to the same trio of Jawhead, Natan, and Yve with a jungler X.Borg and a side lane Lapu Lapu.

The men in violet recreate the same strategy they have in Game 1, pressuring Iy4knu in the gold lane to get the maximum gold with Baxia and Pharsa with the Mystery Shop Emblem to maximize the gold take.

However, a setup in the mid lane river costed Hadess, Rk3, and KurtTzy, prompting a comfortable lord take by Demonkite en route to a bottom inhibitor turret take by RSG.

The RSG jungler took another lord but at the expense of three as Bennyqt secured three kills with the Beatrix before being took down by Demonkite to even the game and allow Echo to defend the base with ease.

From there RSG went to a lord bait, which Hadess bit to his demise, and it spelled doom to Echo as RSG went straight to the Echo base to force a third game with a 9/0/6 KDA.

RSG went with a Rafaela roamer with a Nathz's Ruby and a gold lane Bruno to pair with Yve and X.Borg, while Echo went with a jungle Baxia, Cecilion, Esmeralda, and Karrie, with a surprise Diggie from Rafflesia.

However, the cheese pick went to a huge early game disadvantage to Echo as they fell to a early game aggression from RSG with Iy4knu doing wonders despite being pressured in his lane.

RSG continued their aggression, getting all objectives as Iy4knu and Demonkite get their buffs and turrets for a comfortable lord take and a GG push within 15 minutes with Iy4knu carrying the team with an 11/1/3 KDA.

Panda and his men will try to extend their streak as they will take their biggest challenge yet in Blacklist International, while Echo will try to bounce back against a skidding TNC Pro Team, both on Sunday.

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