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TNC Pro keeps Bren winless with 2-0 sweep

TNC Pro Team - ML

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - TNC Pro Team-ML extends their win streak to two as they keep a struggling Bren Esports winless within two games in their first matchup in MPL Philippines Season 8.

TNC, coming from a win against Nexplay, fielded the same lineup from the first week to battle against a still-unchanged Bren Esports with the Tzy brothers in helm

Both TNC and Bren feilded a double mage setup with TNC showing a Lunox-Lylia combo while Bren drafted a Harith and a Pharsa.

It is a back and forth battle for both teams up to the mid game as they exchange kill after kill and objective after objective in the first game, although Bren Esports took all three turtles and the first lord.

However, a team clash near the lord pit spells the end of the first game for Bren as the Tzy brothers went down before the eventual lord take by the orange-clad squad.

TNC, led by Chuuu's Ling, did not look behind and waited for the lord to arrive to clash with Bren one last time en route to a 14-7 win behind Chuuu's 5/0/5 KDA.

KarlTzy fielded an unusual X.Borg pick as Bren's jungler for the second game along with Natan and Uranus in the middle while TNC went for a double mage setup again of Lunox and Pharsa.

Bren has found themselves again in a tough early game situation as FlapTzy's Paquito and Ribo' Uranus were taken down in the first four minutes.

3Martzy's Lapu-Lapu and Chuuu's Hayabusa quick took two bottom late turrets to pressure Bren's lanes, however, the world champions took all three turtles in eight minutes.

With KarlTzy slain in the ninth minute, TNC went for a quick lord take and two turrets down into their favor, forcing Bren to retreat closer to their bases.

As Bren cannot contest the lord, it only took the former Work Auster Force squad a while as they take the lord and expose the base from the mid lane.

A flicker-enhanced set from Light's Khufra became the final nail of Bren's coffin as P-GOD's Pharsa and Chuuu went to slay all but Ribo to take the two game sweep and the full three points.

With only one game this week, Bren will still look for their first win as they will go against Omega Esports on September 10, while TNC will try to end ONIC Philippines' streak tomorrow.

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