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Blacklist takes first seed with sweep of Omega

Blacklist International

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Blacklist International secured the first seed in the MPL PH playoffs as they swept Omega Esprorts in two contrasting games to finish Day 2 of MPL Philippines Season 8 Week 7.

The Bon Chan-led team won Game 1 in a 38-minute thriller that saw five lords in the process, with the second game ending in just 12 minutes.

Omega went for a sustain lineup of Raizen core and side lane Barats to go with Chou, Selena, and Natan while Blacklist went with the Mathilda-Diggie combo together with Granger, Paquito, and Kimmy.

Omega went to have a great game despite close kill count with a 5-4 kill count between the two teams with all three of the turtles and the first lord in their side.

However, Blacklist went on for a fightback on the 15th minute, getting the luminous lord in the process and allowing them to have a space to push the top lane.

A clash in the lord pit in the 20th minute proved to be messy for both teams but Wise grabbed the third lord of the game despite both teams losing three members each including jungler Raizen for Omega.

With both teams on a stalemate for the next 16 minutes, Omega took the fifth lord of the game courtesy of Raizen but to no avail as three Omega heroes fall down at the hands of Blacklist in the process, giving them 80-plus seconds to respawn and Blacklist the opportunity to end the first game in 38 minutes.

Blacklist went to the second game with a jungle Bane, Thamus, Natan, and Mathilda, while Omega went to a Jawhead core, Lunox, Pharsa, Paquito, and Roger.

Wise, with the Bane in his hand, went on to get his objectives including a quick turtle take in the early game, while Oheb and Edward worked on their sidelanes countering Kelra and Renzio.

Omega went to pick Wise in the seventh minute but Blacklist went on to get damage in the top lane turrets, and Wise countered with a pickoff to Ch4knu near the Blacklist turret in the mid lane,

From there, it was all Blacklist International as the aggression from OhMyV33nus and company negates all Omega damage dealers to clip a quick Game 2 win and eventually the sweep, led by Wise's 4/1/5 KDA.

With the win, Blacklist went to solidify their place as the first seed in the MPL PH Season 8 playoffs with 31 points and a 12-1 record.

Blacklist will try to go 13-1 as they will go against an already dethroned world champions Bren Esports, while Omega will battle another rival in NXP Evos, both on Sunday.

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