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Bren keeps streak, playoffs hopes alive at the expense of near-danger TNC Pro

Bren Esports
By Drew Malihan

MANILA—Bren Esports extended their streak to four as they put a gritty TNC Pro Team on the brink of elimination in three games to continue Week 6 of MPL Philippines Season 8.

It was a battle of sustains in the decider third but it was an outbox play from Bren Esports in the lord area that spelled the end for the two teams.

Both Bren Esports and TNC Pro Team fielded their main five after coming off wins against ONIC PH and RSG Philippines, respectively.

TNC went to a mid Selena and a gold lane Harith to go with Barats, Thamus, and Hayabusa, while Bren Espors went to a double support of Kaja and Mathilda to go with Yi Sun-shin, Lapu Lapu, and Khufra.

TNC went to a great start with Kousei's Harith being a pseudo-core as Light's Barats and  3marTzy's Thamus takes most of the Bren's damage, while Chuuu's Hayabusa is busy getting his fam with space.

Lusty's Khufra fell as victim of TNC's early aggression as TNC's team fights were enough to get Bren's main tank, while they get their buffs to maintain their sustainability.

Bren, while being outmaneuvered in the map game, was able to get their defenses up in the base while TNC topple their turrets one by one, even cancelling two lords in the process.

The world champion's efforts were not enough as TNC's sustains were enough to soak Bren's damage output, and with Lusty gone earlier, Bren was left with four in a forced team fight by TNC that spelled their Game 1 doom with a 14-2 outing led by P-God's 4/0/5 KDA with the Selena.

Bren went to Game 2 with the Hayabusa jungle and Harley mid with Benedetta, Esmeralda, and Chou, while TNC Pro went with and Yve-Lunox duo to pair with Mathilda, Lancelot, and Ruby.

The Season 6 champs went to a hot start, flipping the switch from the Game 1, outboxing TNC from their said of the map, combining with the signature Bren's early aggression.

It was a total Bren dominance in the map and economy game with their objective takes despite TNC getting a turret.

However, the power spikes from Bren's heroes were enough to punish a more rather squishy TNC five in the Land of Dawn and went to end a quicker Game 2 in under 14 minutes with KarlTzy leading the team with nine kills and six assists.

TNC went to the decided with the Hayabusa jungle with the four sustain heroes in Alice, Mathilda, Barats, and Lapu Lapu while  Bren went to a sustain lineup as well with Pharsa, Esmeralda, Chou, and Baxia with a jungle Sun.

Both teams went into a toe to toe fight, exchanging kills with objectives to each other, but Bren gets the three of four turtles as well as the first lord of the game.

Bren, knowing the TNC power spike in the late game, went to full map control as early as the 12th minute to force TNC to defend from their bases.

With a team fight in the lord pit, TNC tried to contest but with Bren's sustain enough, they exchanged Pheww to all TNC members but 3marTzy, with Ribo boxing out the TNC sidelaner to give space to three Bren heroes to call GG, 14 to 8, with FlapTzy's Esmeralda's 3/1/8 KDA to lead the team.

With the win, Bren inched closer to a playoff spot while putting TNC to the brink of elimination as their loss gave ONIC Philippines their playoff ticket with TNC's max points possible of 20 is now lower than ONIC's current points with 22.

TNC will try to salvage their season with a potential elimination game against Nexplay Evos, while Bren will be up to the task against Omega Esports, both on Sunday.

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