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Omega Esports takes down Echo in 4 to claim MPL-PH S8 Final 4 ticket

Omega Esports.
By Drew Malihan

MANILA - Omega got their one shot mantra on point as they took down Echo Philippines with a 3-1 series to start their MPL-PH Season 8 playoff campaign.

All games ended up in rather quicker fashion but the former Execration roster found a way to close the series in their favor with a clutch last-gasp play to close the series in four. 

Omega went to a support Ch4knu with Mathilda in Game 1 and offlane Barats to go with Brody and Hayabusa, while Echo went to their comforts with Benedetta, Alice, Granger, Pharsa, and tank Chou.

Echo found themselves in the inferior end of the early game as Rafflesia founds himself as the prime target along with Rk3 from Raizen, Ch4knu, and E2MAX's sets.

With the map control in their side, Omega went to take the only lord of the game, waited, and called GG early on, continuing their aggression with the slow push to a 1-0 victory with Raizen's 5/0/3 and Ch4knu's 0/1/8 KDA leading the team.

Omega went with the Angela-Ling combo to go with the sustain trio of Yu Zhong, Thamus, and Mathilda, while Echo went to the MMA duo of Chou and Paquito jungle along with Lunox, Pharsa, and Ruby.

Echo and Omega went to a Game 2 standoff, trading towers for towers and kills for kills, with Omega getting the slight advantage as they utilize the Ling map control by Raizen powered by the Angela ultimate from Ch4knu.

Both teams continued their tradeoffs but a lord take by Raizen gave Omega an opening, getting the rest of the Echo outer turrets and forcing the orcas to play defense.

However, a Hadess' lord steal provided Echo some leverage and opening with the lord in their side while exchanging Rafflesia for Kelra and Echo tried to knock on Omega's door.

With Renzio also down and Rafflesia respawned, Echo went to the midlane and with the burst magic damage from Rk3's Pharsa and Bennyqt's Lunox, Echo takes Game 2 led by Bennyqt's 3/2/7 and Hadess' 5/1/4.

Omega went to Game 3 wuth a Lapu-lapu, Yve, Mathilda, Hayabusa, and Kelra's special Alice, while Echo drafted Ruby, Khufra, Pharsa, a sidelane Brody, and a jungle Karina.

It was a total Omega masterclass in Game 3 as they went for flanks in both lanes, and with the Ch4knu-Raizen poke potential against a rather late-game Echo lineup, drubs the orcas from the get-go.

Bennyqt became a walking target for Omega, getting four deaths while Hadess' Karina was prevented from getting any comfortable farm, prompting Omega to get total map control.

It only took Omega less than 13 minutes to regain the lead, calling GGs with the lord in their side with Raizen's 9/0/3 KDA leading the Smart-backed boys.

Echo went to Game 4 with Yi Sun-shin, Mathilda, Chou, Yu Zhong, and Paquito, while Omega drafted a sidelane Aldous and a core Lancelot to go with Ch4knu's signature Khufra, Luo Yi, and Thamus.

It was the same scenario in the second game as both teams exchange kills for kills and objectives affter objectives, however, Omega led slightly up until the late game.

However, with all Echo heroes in the top lane, Raizen grabbed the lord but at the cost of all Omega players but Renzio's Thamus, but with Kelra back in time, grabs a Chase Fate to a low-HP Rafflesia and clips a kill, capped by a diversion play by E2MAX's Luo Yi.

With all but Rk3 with the rather defensive Mathilda to defend, Omega knocks on Echo's door for the match point, and despite Rafflesia respawning, it was too late as the lord-powered GG push gets Omega the 3-1 series win led by E2MAX's 3/3/3 KDA.

With the loss, Echo went out of contention with US$2,500 in their bag, while Omega books themselves a much-anticipated MSC 2021 rematch with MPL PH defending champions Blacklist International.

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