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Omega snaps Bren's 4-match win streak with two-game domination

Omega Esports

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Bren Esports' four-match win streak went to an end as Omega Esports dominated them in two games in their Week 6 matchup of MPL Philippines Season 8.

Omega, now at 4-7 and 16 points, went into total aggression in two games, pulling down Bren's chances of making the playoffs into jeopardy while improving their post-season hopes.

With both teams coming off wins with their current roster, Bren Esports and Omega Esports maintained their five for the clash, still with Raizen filling the jungler role while Kielvj is out of the main five.

Bren went to a jungle Paquiot to team up with Uranus, Kimmy, Chou, and Yve, while Omega went with Alice, Barats, Mathilda, Lancelot, and Ch4knu with the Jawhead.

It was Omega's aggression from the get go, with Raizen and Kelra getting their fam and objectives earlier and cancelling Ribo in the process.

However, Omega chased KarlTzy, who plays Paquito, away from team fights and objective takes, leaving Raizen alone with the turtle takes.

With the map in full Omega control, the former Execration lineup went to the lord, take it, and called for a quick GG in just 12 minutes to give Bren a 16-6 beating with Ch4knu's Jawhead leading the team with a 2/2/8 KDA.

Omega went for a Raizen Ling and Kelra with the Aldous to go with Grock, Yve, and Paquito, while Bren Esports drafted a jungle Natan to go with Khufra, Alice, Pharsa, and Thamus.

Omega went for early game aggression, getting their power spikes with Kelra getting an early ultimate Chase Fade to quickly get into team fights and burst down Bren's damage dealers.

E2MAX and company continued their aggression, getting seven turrets and the first lord to force Bren into defense mode, but with a Bren fightback that costed Raizen's Ling, Omega pulled out for a potential GG push.

The boys in green continued their full press, and with a Kelra burst on FlapTzy, Omega flipped the switch and went for a total GG push and get their fourth win of the season in 20 minutes of the second game, with Kelra's 9/1/3 KDA leading the team.

Omega will try to continue their momentum in the final week of the regular season with a three-match stretch starting with TNC Pro team on October 8, while Bren Esports and Echo Philippines will battle for tournament life on October 9.

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