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Omega stuns struggling Echo to boost playoff hopes

Omega Esports

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Omega Esports dealt Echo their eighth loss of the season as they grabbed their much needed three points in Week 6 of MPL Philippines Season 8.

It was Echo's second loss in a row, with their MPL Philippines campaign on jeopardy as they are now left with just one game and a losing record of 5-8.

Echo went still to their main five after a shock loss against Nexplay Evos yesterday while Kielvj will sit down for Omega as Raizen will take the jungler role.

Omega went to a core Roger and a double mage setup with Pharsa and Alice to go with Chou and Thamus, while Echo went with the Hayabusa-Benedetta connection to go with Kagura, Yve, and a tank Mathilda.

Echo went to a good start, spacing out Kelra with Bennyqt in the gold lane, giving space to Echo's rotating men to take objectives.

The former Aura Philippines squad went for an attempt to take down the lord in the 11th minute, but with KurtTzy's Benedetta negated by Renzio and Raizen taking the clutch retribution, it was all downhill for Echo as they fall one by one with the 2-3-0 push in the top and middle lane to call GGs in the first game.

Raizen, who made his jungler debut for Omega, went to lead his team with a 5/1/2 KDA with an 88 percent kill participation.

Omega went to a Renzio Phoveus and a Kelra Natan to go with Chou, Estes mid, and Hayabusa, while Echo went to a Yi Sun-shin, Kagura, Mathilda, Paquito, and Argus for Bennyqt.

Echo went to their early game aggression, using the early game potential from KurtTzy's Paquito, but it was Kelra  who make Omega still contend in the early parts of the game with the Natan.

However, Raizen, who was left along with Ch4knu to farm, went berserk along with Kelra to turn Omega's fortunes around in the midgame, neutralizing the Bennyqt's abuse of the Argus ultimate along with the sustain from Renzio.

From there, it was Omega who dictated the pace of the game from the mid to late game as Echo's rather more squishy five fall down one by one despite best efforts from them and Omega called GG within 19 minutes with Kelra's 7/1/3, Renzio's 3/2/4, and E2MAX's 1/5/10.

Echo, still on 16 points, will try to salvage their season as they will battle Bren Esports for tournament life on October 9, while Omega will battle the same Bren team on Sunday to improve their record.

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