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ONIC decodes Blacklist to get UB ticket, ends champion's 19-match MPL-PH win streak

ONIC Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Blacklist 19-match winning streak in the MPL Philippines scene came to an end as they fell down to ONIC Philippines within two games to end their Week 6 campaign of MPL PH season 8.

It was the first loss of the defending champions in the local scene since falling against Bren Esports last April 29.

Both teams, coming off their wins from their last opponents, has fielded the same lineup, with ONIC fielding their HBD trio of Hatred, Beemo, and Dlarskie and Blacklist sticking with the same five for the twelfth time.

ONIC went for a jungle Paquito and a gold-lane Hatred to go with Akai, X.Borg, and Selena, while Blacklist opted for full magic damage from Kagura, Alice, Karina, and Mathilda, with the Benedetta on Edward's control.

Blacklist found themselves trailing with ONIC activating their early game spike, controlling the Blacklist side of the map and mainly targeting OhMyV33nus and Edward to avoid their experience lane problems.

ONIC continued their aggression up to the mid game, getting three turtles and the early lord in the ninth minute then destroyed the top inhibitor turret.

Despite best efforts from Blacklist International to prolong the game and turn the tables, it came to naught as Kairi's Paquito's damage were enough to burst down Blacklist heroes and with the support of Baloyskie and Beemo, ONIC went for a GG in Game 1 with Kairi's 10/0/6 KDA leading all players.

ONIC went still with a jungle Paquito now with Jawhead, Natan, Selena, and Esmeralda, while Blacklist utilized a jungle Barats and a tank Hadjizy with the Grock along with Benedetta, Kimmy, and Mathilda.

The yellow squad went to an early game start, with Beemo assisting Hatredt to counter Oheb's aggression with the Kimmy while Kairi and Wise get their objectives.

However, Blacklist managed to have a counter go, eliminating all but Beemo and Baloyskie but ONIC managed to hold on and negate the potential Blacklist GG push.

A lord challenge from both teams proved to be fatal for Blacklist International as Wise's Barats was subject to a clutch ejector from Beemo's Jawhead, resulting in a kill, and ONIC picking Blacklist players one by one.

With only OhMyV33nus remaining and the lord in their side, ONIC called GG in the 16th minute to get their three full points and their upper bracket slot for the playoffs with 25 points in their pocket and an 8-4 standing, Beemo leading the team with a 1/3/7 KDA.

ONIC will see a familiar foe in Iy4knu and RSG Philippines on October 9, while Blacklist International will meet Hadji's former team Omega on the same day.

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