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ONIC PH books MPL PH S8 finals seat after 3-0 sweep of Omega

ONIC Philippines

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - It's ONIC time indeed.

ONIC Philippines punched their way into the MPL Philippines Grand Finals as they clipped Smart Omega Esports in a three-game sweep to end the third day of the playoffs Saturday.

The win also secured ONIC PH their second appearance in the MLBB World Championships as they grabbed onw of two Philippine tickets to M3.

Omega went with the comfort ALice and Thamus along with the jungle Karina, Rafaela, and Mathilda, while ONIC PH went with the Harith, Lancelot, Akai, Popol and Kupa, and Esmeralda.

Both teams engaged in exchange of kills and objectives but it was ONIC who grabbed the upper hand in the map control thanks to Markyyyyy's early game push in the top lane while Kelra was not in his lane.

ONIC went to their 1-1-3 to 3-1-1 flank mode as Baloyskie and Beemo went on to support their sidelanes with Kairi doing significant damage to the Omega laners.

Omega managed to box out ONIC in the sole lord dance and even taking down Kairi but Dlarskie's Esmeralda was sustained enough to buy time and push Omega's offensive away to give space for a returning Kairi while Baloyskie went on to deal more damage and kills to Omega heroes.

With Kairi and now Markyyyyy's damage output high enough and the lord in their side, ONIC went to topple the top and mid inhibitors of Omega and called GG despite Markyyyyyy going down in the process for a 1-0 lead with Baloyskie's 8/3/7 KDA with the damage-build Popol and Kupa.

Omega went to the second game with Lancelot, Mathilda, Luo Yi, Phoveus, and Kimmy, while ONIC went to a Ruby, core Aulus, Esmeralda, and the deadly combo of Pharsa and Yve.

ONIC went on to take a commanding control of the map thanks to the superior range from the Pharsa-Yve duo, while Beemo's Ruby and Kairi's Aulus went into roam mode.

With all three turtles going into their hand, ONIC abused the early game damage output from Aulus and Pharsa with the late game assurance and then went into the Omega jungles.

Omega were forced to defense but to no avail as the magic damage from ONIC backed by Esmeralda's sustain by Dlarskie proved too much for Omega as ONIC went to snowball for a commanding 2-0 lead, with Markyyyyy's 3/1/2 KDA leading the team.

ONIC went into the third game with a Rafaela for Beemo along with Ling, Uranus, Pharsa, and Natan for Hatred, who subbed in for Markyyyyy, while Omega went for a Lancelot, Yve, Ruby, Chou, and Claude.

Omega went on to have a great early to mid game thanks to pickoffs by Kelra and Raizen especially to Baloyskie's Pharsa, who suffered seven kills, as well as Omega getting two of three turtles.

However, a knock on ONIC's door became an overextension as Raizen was shut down by Kairi thanks to Dlarskie's buying time and sustaining all Omega damage.

Dlarskie's Uranus proved to be too buffed for Omega's burst damage output as despite Kelra and E2MAX's ultimates popping out, Dlarskie's skills were enough to sustain and box out the entire Omega squad to set for Kairi to pick up Raizen.

Omega picked up Baloyskie nonce again to give space for them to push back but Dlarskie and Kairi led the defense to take down three Omega heroes leaving Raizen and Ch4knu left to defend and Kairi and Hatred to take the third lord.

From there, it was all ONIC as Dlarskie fronted up for the Omega damage while Kairi and company went for the tower lock and called GG in Game 3.

Omega meanwhile will drop down to the lower bracket and will face defending champions and rivals Blacklist International for their tournament life as well as a Grand Finals and M3 appearance, with the winner to take on ONIC PH, both inside the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

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