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ONIC PH takes revenge victory, RSG PH clips playoff berth with Game 1 win

ONIC Philippines

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - ONIC Philippines take their ninth win of the season as they execute their revenge on RSG Philippines with a 2-1 performance.

The former Dream High Gaming team played without Coach Yeb as the ONIC tactician fell ill with dengue but is expected to be discharged in the coming days, leaving the drafting duties to Baloyskie and Markyyyyy.

ONIC went to their high-octane MMR lineup of Markyyyyy, Micophpbia, and Ryota along with Kairi and Baloyskie while RSG went to their usual five.

RSG went to a Demonkite Ling and a gold lane Iy4knu along with Thamus, a tank Ruby, and Pharsa, while ONIC went for a triple mage setup of Hayabusa, Alice, Esmeralda, Eudora, and Chou.

ONIC found himself in a tight spot in the early to mid game as they fell down in the economy game thanks to aggressions from Aqua and Demonkite, picking significant kills including a kill to Kairi's Hayabusa.

RSG, with their aggressive lineup, negated the rather sustain trio of ONIC as they get all their objectives including turrets and three turtles.

From there, RSG went to continue their onslaught in the late game, taking the lord and three ONIC players, forcing the latter to retreat and play defense but to no avail as RSG called GG in Game 1 led by Heath's 0/1/10 with the roamer Ruby.

ONIC then went to a tank Ruby and a gold lane Kimmy to go with Hayabusa, Lapu Lapu, and Pharsa, while RSG  went with the double assassin setup with a side lane Benedetta and a core Karina with Grock, Yve, and Iy4knu's signature Esmeralda.

It was a toe to toe battle with both teams in the early to mid game, but ONIC went on to take more of the objectives despite RSG getting two of three turtles in the game.

ONIC continued their aggression, negating all their damages despite RSG getting good sets, eventually getting Demonkite and it was all down for RSG as ONIC take the lord and called GG after 17 minutes, backed with Kairi's 7/0/4 performance with the Hayabusa.

RSG went to a Phoveus gold lane and a Mathilda roamer along with Karina, Claude, and Benedetta while ONIC went to Khufra, Popol anf Kupa, Pharsa, Thamus, and Hayabusa.

ONIC went to a hot start, engaging to an early clash in the fourth minute, getting five kills in the process to 3 from RSG.

The Panda-led men tried for a fightback in the ninth minute with three kills in the top lane to even up the game.

However, the opening in the bottom lane proved to be fatal for RSG as they kept a guard on the opening while the other four keep eye for a clash, and with the lord in ONIC's side, the Yeb-led team went to a quick GG push in 14 minutes as RSG wasn't unable to sustain the damage with Kairi's 9/1/4 KDA.

Despite the loss, RSG Philippines ensured themselves a playoff spot after getting a point, eliminating world champions Bren Esports from contention and eventually a chance to defend their title with 17 points in their bag and a win-loss record advantage over Pheww and company.

ONIC has still one game with an already eliminated TNC Pro Team on Sunday, while RSG will wait for their opponents in the playoffs between NXP Evos and Omega Esports.

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