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TNC ends MPL-PH S8 campaign with win vs. second seed ONIC

TNC Pro Team

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - TNC Pro Team ended their MPL Philippines Season 8 on a winning note as they took down second-seeded ONIC Philippines with a 2-0 outing on Sunday.

TNC ended their three-game losing skid after getting defeats from Bren, NXP Evos, and Omega Esporys.

ONIC went with mainstays Kairi and Baloyskie while establishing the MMR trio of Markyyyyy, Micophobia, and Ryota, while TNC went with Chuuu and Kousei while fielding Toshi, Der, and Benthings.

TNC went to a Franco pick and a double mage setup of Lunox and Pharsa along witj Lancelot and Thamus while ONIC went to a mid lane Claude and a gold lane Natan to go with a core Aulus, Esmeralda, and Mathilda.

TNC went to a great start to control the map, getting pickoffs by Chuuu and Toshi including three turtles, mostly getting Baloyskie in the Claude, but ONIC managed to shut down Chuuu to even up the fight.

The Phoenix Army went on to regain the lead, including two kills to Kairi's Aulus and a lord in their side, giving Chuuu anf company some space to farm and push.

However, a purple buff clash became costly for TNC as ONIC, despite losing Markyyyyy and Micophobia, got three TNC men in return.

Kairi tripped down in the lower lane bush but got ambushed by Toshi's Pharsa followed by Benthing's Franco getting Baloyskie once again to force ONIC to back out.

TNC, with all their power spikes activated, wasted no time as they went to call GGs after getting the third lord of the game, sealing Game 1 for the Phoenix Army with Toshi's 2/1/11 KDA.

Lift's men drafted a Kaja and Mathilda combo to go with Chou, Natan, and Paquito, while ONIC went to a Ruby, Yve, and Thamus to go with surprise picks Chang'e and Fanny.

Kairi, utilizing the jungle Fanny, went on to have a great start but TNC still managed to get their lead including kills and gold.

A few outplays by TNC including the super placement from Chuuu and Way of the Dragon ultimate from Kousei went on to be ONIC's thorns in their side as the snowball lineup of ONIC falls behind TNC's rather high-HP five.

However, Kairi went to steal the lord in the late game to give ONIC some space as well as take down the TNC middle lane inhibitor, but costed him and Micophobia's lives, prompting TNC to push but was cancelled as well.

However, Kairi was once again caught up by Kousei and Toshi but the Winter Truncheon prolonged the inevitable as TNC took down the ONIC jungler allowing Chuuu to get the sixth lord comfortably to end the series in 2-0 with a 41-minute game with Der's 4/2/6 KDA leading the game.

TNC will exit the season with a 4-10 record and 14 points while ONIC will proceed to the playoffs as the second seed with a 9-5 record and 27 points, getting a bye in the process.

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