Blacklist falls short of MPLI '21 crown after 1-3 loss vs. ONIC ID

Blacklist International. Photo from ONE Esports

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - It was another ONIC Magic that gas broken the elusive code.

Blacklist International suffered just their fifth series loss of the year as they fall short 3-1 against ONIC Esports Indonesia in the Grand Final of the ONE Esports MPL Invitational.

The Filipino MPL Champions were denied once more of international glory after the MSC 2021 campaign went short against another Pinoy side Execration.

Blacklist went to dominate the first game of the series with the Bane-Estes combo powered by Hadji's Jawhead with ONIC ID fielding Mathida and a jungler Paquito with a flex Cecilion pick.

OhMyV33nus and company went on to grab the lead from the get go and never looked back as they sustained the ONIC damage output from mid to late game.

With the lord in their side coming at the 11th minute, Blacklist started knocking on ONIC's door but ONIC ID successfully defended the turret.

Another clash and lord take happened and it was all Blacklist that takes the win powered by Oheb's 7/0/3 on his Lunox.

From there, ONIC started their comeback by denying OhMyV33nus a healer support and getting their comforts such as Yi Sun-shin and Esmeralda powered by an Indonesian signature Ruby.

It was a close game from start to finish but a clash in the top lane changed the tone of the game for ONIC ID with Sanz's Yi Sun-shin getting a triple kill.

From there, Blacklist were left with OhMyV33nus and Oheb to defend but to no avail as ONIC ID equalized the series led by Sanz's 10/0/3 performance.

With ONIC denying Estes, Aldous, and Barats, as well as picking Rafaela and Bane, Blacklist went to pick Mathilda, Granger, and Paquito together with Jawhead and Harith.

With the draft not in Blacklist's side, ONIC went for an onslaught in the early game, but not getting punished including a team fight that took down Kiboy and CW.

However, the high damage output from the Blacklist deny picks as well as the setups by Hylos spelled the beginning of the end of Game 3 for Blacklist.

But with ONIC pushing back the three Blacklist members with Drian's Bane's Deadly Catch, the Indonesians sealed the third game led by Sanz's 5/0/5 performance on the Yi Sun-shin.

The Filipinos, once again denied by a healer support and Aldous, took Mathilda, Bane, and Paquito along with Pharsa and Lunox, while ONIC ID went with Rafaela, Natan, Chou, Esmeralda, and a surprise Claude pick.

The surprise the Claude it is as Drian made significant plays once got online including a box out play in the 12th minute to grab the luminous lord as well as clearing minions in the lanes.

However, Edward respawned in time and with Drian's error of being executed by the turret, successfully defended the Blacklist base as well as taking down the lord.

Blacklist went on to march toward the ONIC base and as Hadji activates the Feathered Airstrike, so was Drian with the Blazing Duet that took three down but Edward and OhMyV33nus.

The last two Blacklist members went to quick defense mode but to no avail as CW set up a team kill on the Paquito then locked the tower for a 3-1 series victory and will take the lion's share of USD100,000 prize pool.

Both teams will see more action in December as they will head to Singapore for the M3 World Championships this December.

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