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Echo opens MPLI 2021 campaign with win vs. brothers AuraFire

Echo Philippines. Photo from ONE Esports

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - The orca's water from its blowhole were enough to put out the fire, their sibling's own spark to be specific.

The Filipinos drew first blood once more in the sibling battles in the ONE Esports MPL Invitational as Echo Philippines executed a reverse sweep over AuraFire to open their regional tournament campaign.

AuraFire and Echo, both coming from the same parent organization, engaged in their back and forth rematch, with the Rafflesia-led boys getting the second competitive win once more against their Indonesian orgmates.

Echo went into Game 1 with Khufra, Esmeralda, Yve, jungle Paquito, and Aldous for a 1-2 punch combo, while Aurafire went with the Pharsa, Ling, Mathilda, Barats, and Karrie.

The Indonesians went into an early kill to KurtTzy but a series of pickoffs gave Echo rays of hope for a fight back to an early 5-1 advantage, though AuraFire grabbed the gold advantage.

AuraFire however went into an onslaught as they grabbed an escaping Bennyqt's Aldous along with Rafflesia's Khufra and Hadess' Paquito and it spells the beginning of Game 1's end for the orcas.

From there, it was all Aura as Echo went to full defense mode but to no avail as with the lord in their side, AuraFire went on to a Game 1 win with High's 5/3/3/ KDA to lead the game.

AuraFire fielded a roaming Hayabusa and a jungle Baxia along with Pharsa, Esmeralda, and Yu Zhong, while Echo went with the quintet of Chou, Ruby, Lancelot, and comfort picks in Yve and Alice.

It was a back and forth game for the siblings under the Aura franchise with AuraFire taking the early game but the burst damage from Echo mattered in the mid to late game with kills from Hadess and Bennyqt with sets from Rafflesia.

From there, Echo went on to take thie first lord of the game but Facehugger went on to quickly burst down the lord and make Echo retreat.

An Aura lord take went to naught as Rafflesia and Hadess went on to take a hold and force a retribution battle that went in Echo's side and from there it was all Echo as they take down AuraFire members one by one to force a third game with Rafflesia's 4/4/17 KDA with the Chou to lead the team.

Echo took Mathilda, Lunox, Pharsa, and the two-punch combo of Paquito and Aldous in Game 3 while Aura went with Yve, Ling, Ruby, Phoveus, and Tigreal.

The orcas went on to have a better showing with their 1-2 punch combo but AuraFire went on to have their power spikes in the mid game thanks to High and Facehugger's sets and bursts.

However, with the farm garnered by both Rafflesia and Bennyqt, Echo fight back and even steal two lords in the 26-minute long match, the second one also costed High for more than 70 seconds of down time.

From there it was all Echo as despite KurtTzy going down, the rest of the men in purple went on with the lord and took down the exposed Aura base as Hadess led the Game 3 reverse sweep with a 4/3/1 KDA.

Echo will meet the winner between another sibling matchup between RSG Singapore and RSG Philippines on November 4, while Smart Omega, ONIC PH, and Nexplay Evos will be in action tomorrow.

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