NXP Evos bows out early in MPLI vs. Rebellion Genflix

Nexplay Evos. Photo from ONE Esports

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - The hardest enemy is the one you don't know much about, and that speaks volume against Nexplay Evos for now.

The Filipino side bows out early in the ONE Esports MPL Invitational as they were swept by Rebellion Genflix 2-0 to end the second day of the tournament.

NXPE, without the service of star player Renejay, fielded rookies SanFord, Hesa and Kzen along with YellyHaze and Yawi with H2WO sitting out as the sixth man, while Rebellion Genflix went with B1rul and Vall with Weje, Coyy, and Swaylow coming from their developmental team Red Bull Rebellion.

Rebellion Genflix went to get a double support in Kaja and Rafaela along with Ruby, Paquito in jungle, and Natan while NXPE went with Hayabusa, Yve, Claude, Gatotkaca, and Chou.

Rebellion went to get the total control in the early to mid game as they grabbed picks on Yawi and YellyHaze to get a significant advantage in the early leading to the late game.

Nexplay found a hard time contesting the early game aggression of the Indonesians, resulting to more kills and turrets going down in favor of Genflix.

The Filipino side tried to fight back in the late game hoping to activate their late-game advantage but the Rebellion's damage were too much to handle as the Indonesian side grabbed the 1-0 advantage with Coyy's 1/0/17 performance leading the team.

Nexplay went to game 2 with Jawhead, Hayabusa, Pharsa, X.Borg, and Alice, while Rebellion drafted Mathilda, Natan, Phoveus, Lancelot, and Ruby, with substitute Weje going for the roaming Ruby.

The Indonesians still found themselves on the advantage as they went to funnel the gold to Natan thanks to Mathilda and Ruby rotating around, trading the turret gold for the turtle.

With the economy in their side, Rebellion teamed up to pick NXPE heroes one by one to add more gold, marking rookie Kzen and roamer Yawi to gain more map control and gold.

A 14-minute clash near the NXPE purple pit was the final nail to the coffin as the bursts from Coyy and JiiSaa were too much for YellyHaze and Hesa, and it was all Rebellion Genflix for the win led by Swaylow's Mathilda's 4/1/6 performance.

Nexplay Evos bows out of the tournament, while Coyy and company will go for an all-Indonesian second game against Alter Ego.

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