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Rookie-laden RSG PH sweeps sister team RSG SG to start MPLI '21 campaign

RSG Philippines. Photo from ONE Esports

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - In yet another sibling rivalry, it is the Filipinos that stand tall once more.

RSG Philippines went on to a hot start as they grabbed a sweep 2-0 win against mother team  and MPL Singapore runners-up RSG Singapore on day 2 of the ONE Esports MPL Invitational.

RSG SG fielded the familiar faces in Ly4ly4ly4, Diablo, and SynC along with .505 and Dec., while RSG Philippines go with Demonkite, Heath, and Aqua, while activating Kenji to the active five and debuting the rookie Emann.

The Singaporeans went on to a gold Brody and a jungler Hayabusa along with Bane, Ruby, and Yu Zhong, while the Filipino side went with the jungle Balmond and gold lane Natan with Pharsa, Mathilda, and Phoveus.

Demonkite went on to take most of the RSG SG farm and Emann went on to get the early game push while Aqua and Heath went on to give vision to the Filipino squad.

RSG PH went on to team up in the mid game including four kills by Demonkite to the entire RSG Singapore members except Diablo.

From there it was all RSG Philippines as they get the comfortable lord take while the Singapore squad went to full defense mode but to no avail as Kenji and company take the Game 1 win led by Demonkite's Balmond's 9/0/1 KDA.

The Singaporeans went on to get a Ling and Benedetta duo with Pharsa, Brody, and Mathilda for full damage, while RSG PH went for triple magic damage with Karina, Rafaela, and Yve to go with Claude and Ruby.

It was the same story as RSG Philippines went on to get the majority of his farm as the two RSG PH supports in Aqua and Heath gave him space as well as to bug the Singaporeans.

Rookie Emann showed up as he executed near-perfect box outs with the Claude's Blazing Duet getting significant pickoffs and falling just once.

As the Filipinos get their power spikes up entering the late game, they wasted no time to take the lord, push the Singaporeans back to their bases and defend to no avail as RSG PH grabbed the sweep led by Emann's 6/1/6.

RSG PH will go head=to-head tomorrow against fellow Filipino side Echo Philippines for a chance to battle MPL ID champions ONIC Esports.

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