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RSG PH bows out in 3 vs. MPL ID champs ONIC Esports

RSG Philippines. Photo from ONE Esports

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - GG RSG it is, called the Indonesian champions.

Despite valiant efforts, RSG Philippines fell down two games to one against MPL Indonesian champs ONIC Esports to end the quarterfinals of the ONE Esports MPL invitational.

It took ONIC PH three games and even subbing in Sanz to topple down Panda's men, who are still missing the service of Iy4knu and Nathzz and fielded Kenji and Emann instead.

RSG Philippines went on to have a jungler Paquito, Hylos, Natan, Uranus, and Lylia, while ONIC Indonesia countered with Hayabusa, Yi Sun-shin, Harith, Phoveus, and Jawhead.

ONIC Indonesia found themselves a hard time despite a good start as Kenji went on to cut the lanes in the fifth minute, capitalizing on the early game disadvantage of the Indonesians.

Aqua and Demonkite made their presence felt as well as with the help of Heath's Hylos' Glorious Pathway ultimate made the objective takes easier and faster, giving more problems to a ultra buff-dependent ONIC lineup with two assassins.

It was rookie Emann along with veteran Kenji that made the biggest move in the first game, with the two RSG men remaining after a crucial lord dance that saw all five ONIC men fall down for a 1-0 RSG lead.

RSG Philippines' Emann lead the new kids on the block with a 3/1/9 performance including a shutdown on Drian as well as Kiboy.

ONIC, now with Sanz for Sir ft Lans, drafted a mid lane Bane and a gold lane Clint with Esmeralda, Paquito, and Khufra, while RSG PH went with the Pharsa, Ruby, Brody, Karina, and Hylos.

The Indonesian side went on to dominate the lane game in the early parts of Game 2, negating Emann's effect with the Clint.

With the early damage from the Paquito and the Bane, ONIC grabbed a huge lead in the gold as they continue to get the early tower pushes as well as the jungle, diminishing Demonkite's chances to have an advantage.

It was a quick game as ONIC went on to have a quick inhibitor turret push and called GGs in less than 13 minutes to force a third game behind Sanz's 5/0/1 outing with the Paquito.

ONIC went into the third game with Aldous, Hylos, Natan, Hayabusa, and Rafaela, while RSG PH went to get a Bane, Jawhead, Lylia, Esmeralda, and Harith.

The Indonesians went into the third game on a high note, picking down Aqua and Heath in the first few minutes of the game to get a quick map control with 3k gold lead in their side.

Drian and CW went down as RSG PH tried to even up the economy game but a clash in the bottom lane near the RSG's purple pit started the end for te Filipinos as all but Aqua went down in exchange of Kiboy.

From there, it was all ONIC Indonesia as they pushed towards the RSG base little by little, and with the clash in the middle of the map, the MPL ID champs wiped out all RSG members and ended the three game-series in 16 minutes with Drian's 6/1/7 performance with the Natan.

With the loss, only Filipino champs Blacklist International remain as the non-Indonesian team in the MPLI as ONIC ID booked a match with Bigetron Alpha in the semifinals.

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