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Blacklist Int'l top Group A, secures M3 upper bracket playoff spot

Blacklist International

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Blacklist International went into the group stage unscathed as they dominated Group A of the M3 World Championships, Monday.

The quintet of OhMyV33nus, Wise, Edward, Oheb, and Hadji went onslaught in their three best-of-one series for the day with all ending in victories in Group A.

It was "The Queen" herself that led Blacklist to a 16-4 demolition of a Blacklist-inspired Red Canids side with a 2/1/14 performance on the Mathilda against the MPL Brazil inaugural champions.

The two-time MPL Philippines champions went into their slow and steady UBE gameplay while prioritizing Edward's Lapu Lapu who went to a more tanked Akashi's Uranus.

Red Canids' attempt of getting a Blacklist-esque duo of Lunna and Jump Style with Rafaela and Yi Sun-shin respectively backfired when the much faster Blacklist five clicked in the mid to late game, not letting a single casualty on their side until Oheb in minute 17.

OhMyV33nus and Wise's jungle Barats took care of business with Hadji's Kagura, denying Jump Style of any easy buffs from the get go up until the end of the game, putting the Brazilians to all sorts of disadvantage until they saw their base fell down in the 19th minute.

Blacklist went to Bedel in the third match of the season, and it was Oheb's Beatrix's moment that seals the deal against a much aggressive Turkish side.

The Turks went on to give the MPL Philippines side their early game hiccups up to the sixth minute but an Asmo's Grock's mistake with the Guardian's Barrier that led to Alien's Paquito's demise with Edward's Barats' Detona's Welcome setup that opened the door for the Filipinos with three more kills in their side, all at the hands of Oheb.

From there, Bedel tried and succeeded with the lord steal courtesy of Paranoid's Fanny, which kept Blacklist from advancing further, but the Filipino side successfully defended the turret and even put Yunshi and Farway down to the count.

Blacklist meanwhile gave Wise's Aldous enough space to push in the bottom lane as the rest of the team stood up against a full five-man Bedel side that spells the end for Farway and Alien.

It was all Blacklist as the rest of Bedel fall down to Blacklist, who then enjoyed a 2-0 advantage with Oheb's 13/1/2 performance.

The prized gold laner once more showed his prowess as they took down Latin American qualifier champs Malvinas Gaming in a 14-4 onslaught.

With the Peruvians limiting OhMyV33nus' and Wise's options while also getting Mathilda, Popol and Kupa, and Barats in their side, the Filipinos answered with a Ruby roam in Hadji and a double marksman setup in a core Natan and gold lane Beatrix.

Malvinas took Hadji down early to gain first blood advantage but Blacklist answered back with yet another Oheb showcase, getting seven kills in seven minutes and giving his team a seven thousand gold lead.

Wise and Hadji fell down as they attempt to destroy the mid lane turret but the rest of the team has enough damage to takw the last turtle of the game and wait for the two for another GG push.

A Hadji set on Harle's Lunox spells the end for the Peruvian team with OhMyV33nus setting up a Real World Manipulation leading to a four-man takedown with only Stephe remaining to defend but to no avail as Blacklist ended their day with a sweep.

With a 3-0 record, the Filipino squad secured an upper bracket slot in the playoffs, which will start on December 11.

Fellow Filipino contenders ONIC Philippines will see action tomorrow in a stacked Group B along with Indonesian champs ONIC Esports, Malaysian runners-up Todak, and Brazilian runners-up Vivo Keyd.

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