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Boxing promoter believes Manny Pacquiao 'should fight a real boxer' instead of DK Yoo in comeback

Manny Pacquiao has been urged to fight a real boxer instead of pushing through with an exhibition bout against DK Yoo. AP (file photo)
By Dugout Philippines

MANILA—International boxing promoter Aljoe Jaro has advised former Senator and eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao to stop his upcoming exhibition six-round fight against South Korean YouTuber DK Yoo in December in Seoul, South Korea. 

Whether it’s a real boxing fight or an exhibition bout, the US-based Filipino promoter said the 43-year-old ring icon should fight a real boxer or any known popular mixed martial artist like UFC champion Conor McGregor to earn real money. 

“He shouldn’t fight that Korean first of all. If he really wants to come back and fight, he should be fighting a real boxer or any popular fighter who has a name like McGregor that can entertain millions of fans around the world,” Jaro said. 

“Those types of fights are killing the sport of boxing. If they want some entertainment, they must choose a better fighter than that—like a real boxer who already retired with the same weight class. At the same time, nobody knows who’s that Korean,” Jaro added.

Yoo is the founder of Warfare Combat System, a fighting coach with 654,000 subscribers on YouTube, but Jaro said nobody knows him in the United States despite Yoo’s claims that he’s planning to have future exhibition bouts with McGregor, retired Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Logan Paul. 

“Except some Koreans, nobody knows him, especially in the US. The weight and the height difference are not good too. That Korean is taller and I think heavier than him. I expect that fight may end up to a wrestling bout,” Jaro said. 

A real boxing fight or against a most popular fighter, according to Jaro, will allow Pacquiao to earn a more oversized purse than this to help his cause. 

“If he wants to fight for charity to help more Filipinos, I think he should choose a well-known attractive rival that can get million of earnings from the fight,” Jaro explained. “He is Manny Pacquiao and respected by the whole world. He has a big name in the boxing world.”

Jaro is not only a successful trainer abroad but also a great promoter who produced ex-Filipino world champions like IBF minimumweight titlist Florante Condes Jr., WBC flyweight champion Sonny Boy Jaro, Thailand’s IBF flyweight champion Amnat Ruenroeng, Denver Cuello and Bernabe Concepcion.

Jaro is also aware of the pending lawsuit of Paradigm Sports Management (PSM) headed by CEO Audie Attar to Pacquiao but refused to say anything. 

Pacquiao was sued by PSM before the Superior Court of California for alleged breach of contract. PSM is also seeking to recover the $3.3 million it claims it paid Pacquiao in advance for a fight PSM is eyeing for the boxer.

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