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Aldin Ayo says defensive strategy led to trade for Aljun Melecio, Kris Porter

Aldin Ayo shared why he had to trade for Aljun Melecio. Converge
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA—It may not be probably the same as the "mayhem" we know from his college days, but Coach Aldin Ayo will still instill his defense-oriented philosophy as he makes his PBA debut with Converge.

In an online press conference on Tuesday formally introducing him as the FiberXers' new head coach along with new acquisitions Aljun Melecio, Kris Porter, and Quincy Miller, Ayo revealed why he traded Ben Adamos and Kurt Lojera to the Phoenix Fuel Masters just to get Melecio and Porter, and it has to do with defense.

“The purpose of the trade is to contribute to our defensive strategy moving forward, and we believe Melecio and Porter will fit very well into our system,” said Ayo.

He then said that Melecio's defense is underrated as everyone knows him as an offensive spark plug.

“Aljun is incredibly skilled in terms of offense, but he also has the defensive mentality we need in the team,” Ayo further said.

He has full awareness of that as they teamed up in La Salle en route to the 2016 UAAP title, interestingly enough against Porter and Ateneo.

Despite being on the opposite poles of the fabled rivalry, Ayo too has high hopes on Porter, believing that the big man is also a good fit for his "mayhem" system, which is expected to be tweaked significantly to fit the PBA brand of play.

In fact, Ayo added that Converge is willing to wait for Porter's foot injury to heal up.

"I know what he can do and we’re willing to wait," Ayo further said.

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