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'THE REVOLUTION IS OVER' | Pro wrestling trailblazer PWR officially disbands

By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA—The promotion that revived and even brought Philippine pro wrestling to greater heights has rung its final bell.

The Philippine Wrestling Revolution announced on Monday that it is now bidding goodbye after nine years of existence.

The bad news confirmed fan theories about the future of the promotion amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It is with a heavy heart that I announce what many of you have already speculated. Our wrestling promotion, PWR, has ceased its operations permanently," PWR president Red Ollero said in a statement.

The PWR was formed thanks to pro wrestling fans who wanted to have a league of their own following the renaissance of the sport's hype amid the continuous growth of mixed martial arts.

The PWR paved the way for the rise to stardom of the likes of Jake De Leon, Ken Warren, and Crystal, who have also carved names elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

However, the promotion stopped operating just as all the other sports events took a hold due to the pandemic.

While pro wrestling eventually made its way back into business, PWR has decided to fold.

"Although it is not the ending we wanted, I'd like to think this grassroots effort gave more than it should," added Ollero.

Despite "the end of the revolution", the stand-up comedian, who went by the ring name Rederick Mahaba during his PWR run, said that he is satisfied with how the promotion went.

"The revolution is over. But our dream lives on. PWR's greatest contribution is showing what's possible for our young local wrestling scene. A lot who have been involved and has worked for our promotion now contributes to further develop our craft," Ollero further said.

He then urged the "Revo-nation" to support two other wrestling promotions, the Manila Wrestling Federation and the newly-founded Filipino Pro Wrestling.

"If you're a PWR fan, or a wrestling fan in general, I strongly suggest you support the promotions your favorite wrestlers now currently reside in, Manila Wrestling Federation and Filipino Pro-Wrestling," Ollero pleaded.

De Leon is currently the MWF champion and is one-half of the Philippine Wrestling Originals (PWOGs) tag team with Warren even as Crystal is also currently a part of the roster as well.

On the other hand, a majority of the PWR's remaining members before it took a hiatus have co-founded FPW with Ollero named as chairman.

The FPW will hold its launching event, "Unfinished Business", on Sunday at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati.

On the same day, the MWF will have its Aksyonovela event at Brawl Pit Bulusan in Quezon City.

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