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Devon Scott thinks he was fouled in final play of SMB-Ginebra game

Devon Scott's effort to save the win for San Miguel was flushed by a crucial turnover that he thought was an uncalled foul. Dennis Acosta
By Ivan Saldajeno

QUEZON CITY—Devon Scott was quick to claim that he was fouled in the final possession of the PBA Commissioner's Cup game between San Miguel and Ginebra on Sunday night at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Scott fell down while trying to recover the loose ball after Scottie Thompson stripped it from him, leaving Justin Brownlee open to complete the credited Thompson steal.

Some Beermen were seen asking for an explanation from the referees why Thompson was not called for what they thought was a push against Scott.

"Honestly, the last possession... I've played a lot of basketball in different places, and that's a foul anywhere else in the world. There's no way in the world of basketball any player can just run to another player to get the basketball and not be a foul," Scott said.

However, he took responsibility on behalf of his teammates for his late error that spoiled his efforts to put the game away for the Beermen.

Scott made back-to-back baskets that kept the control of the game to SMB, including a layup that broke a 94-all tie.

"Don't get me wrong. It's our fault for being in that position. I should have been better down the stretch," he further said.

Still, Scott insisted, "That play is a foul. If that same play happens for me and I do that to him, that's a foul, but the refs didn't see it that way. We didn't get the call, and the game is over. We lost."

Chris Ross, in a tweet, chimed in on the matter and said that the PBA technical committee should penalize at least one of the referees for missing the foul call assuming there was one.

"Who is getting suspended [after] this game?" Ross asked on Twitter.

The tweet is somehow related to the committee's on-the-spot decision to suspend referee Jerry Narandan for failing to call an eight-second backcourt violation against Meralco that impacted its Friday night win against Bay Area.

But was there really an uncalled foul late into the SMB-Ginebra game? You be the judge.

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