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John Riel Casimero officially declared KO winner vs. Ryo Akaho as Korean boxing body overturns no-contest call

John Riel Casimero is officially a winner against Ryo Akaho. Ivan Saldajeno (file photo)
By Ivan Saldajeno

PASAY—The Korean Boxing Member's Commission has decided to give John Riel Casimero the win over Japanese opponent Ryo Akaho after reviewing their controversial Dec. 3 bout at the Paradise City Plaza in Incheon.

Referee Michiaki Someya initially ruled the 10-round battle as a no-contest after Akaho surrendered from the bout following a punch by Casimero that landed at the back of his head, an illegal punch in boxing rules.

However, upon review of the bout and the admission as well from Akaho's camp, the KBM overturned Someya's initial decision and officially gave Casimero the technical knockout win.

"Mr. Akaho admitted that [it] was a KO defeat. Yokohama Hikari Gym, where Akaho belongs to, also admitted that Mr. Akaho was defeated by KO. Mr. Akaho said that the damage he received was not due to the impact of the punch [that] hit the back of his head. He took a break and tried to fight again, but he gave up because he couldn't and admitted that it was his KO defeat. Both Mr. Casimero and Mr. Akaho acknowledge Casimero's KO victory," the KBM said in a letter sent to the Games and Amusements Board.

GAB sent a copy of the said letter to media outfits on Wednesday.

"The Games and Amusements Board welcomes the decision of the Korea Boxing Member's Commission to change the result of the December 3, 2022 fight between John Riel Casimero and Ryo Akaho from "no contest" to 'Casimero win by KO'," GAB said in a statement.

GAB then commended KBM for "reaffirming KBM's commitment to sportsmanship and fair play."

"GAB commends KBM chairman John Hwang and his team for their decisive action and stellar leadership. GAB supports KBM's decision and will continue to support the said commission in its boxing regulation functions," GAB further stated.

With the no-contest overturned, Casimero moved up to 32-4 with 22 knockouts, while Akaho fell to 39-3-2.

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