Manny Pacquiao dominates DK Yoo in exhibition

At age 43, Manny Pacquiao was still too much for DK Yoo. Ivan Saldajeno (file photo)
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA—To the surprise of virtually no one, Manny Pacquiao simply outclassed DK Yoo in their exhibition bout on Sunday in Goyang, South Korea.

What was supposed to be a contest for charity quickly became a one-sided affair as Pacquiao slowly but surely displayed brilliance inside the ring against Yoo, a martial arts sensation on YouTube.

The crucial moment came in Round 4 when Pacquiao unleashed a series of power shots that nearly floored Yoo.

Yoo appeared to have been knocked down late into the round, but he was saved by the bell, although he already showed signs of fatigue.

Pacquiao finally floored Yoo in Round 6, and although the Korean opponent made the eight-count, it did not the inevitable from happening.

Due to it being an exhibition bout, in which the 12-minute contest was divided into six rounds of two minutes each instead of the usual four rounds of three, the win was not reflected on Pacquiao's record.

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