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Brian Goorjian tells fans to be judges in Ginebra-Bay Area Game 3: 'It's for everyone to see'

Hayden Blankley, seen here trying to block Japeth Aguilar, made an apparent call for fair officiating on Instagram. PBA Images
By Ivan Saldajeno

PASAY—Bay Area coach Brian Goorjian declined to comment about how Bay Area lost a seven-point lead in the last four minutes of Game 3 of the PBA Commissioner's Cup Finals against Ginebra on Wednesday night at the SM Mall of Asia Arena or at least give an update on Andrew Nicholson's ankle injury, explaining that he "might say something that you guys don't want to hear."

However, he told reporters present at the said arena to take a closer look at the said game as well as the basketball fans.

"It's for everyone to see," Goorjian curtly said.

He may be pertaining to how the foul game went.

A week after he clarified that he was not complaining about how the fouls are being called in the PBA, Goorjian hinted that the officiating for Game 3 was something else.

The Dragons were whistled for 28 total fouls as compared to only 12 slapped on the Gin Kings.

That led to 38 free throws awarded to Ginebra, converting 24, against only 10 attempts for Bay Area, making four of them.

Myles Powell, who sat out Game 3 due to his lingering toe tendon injury, called out the PBA in an Instagram story, citing the free throw discrepancy.

"PBA, do better!" Powell said in the social media post.

Hayden Blankley did not hide his disappointment as well.

"[I] got nothing but love for the Philippines and its people, but at this point, it's obvious. Just let it be a fair game, please. As the locals would say, it's 'cooked,'" Blankley said in another IG story.

He has since deleted the post but not without some keen fans quickly taking a screen capture of it.

Did the officiating matter a lot in Game 3? As what Goorjian implied, you be the judge.

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  1. It's only when they loss that officiating becomes an issue... Gin king never cried when they loss at game 2, did they?

    1. Cry Babies ๐Ÿ˜ญ Be a real man ๐Ÿคจ

  2. Did watched the game live, why do complain of less foul throws when majority of your shots are taken outside? You seek to review the last minutes, then by all means review with us too and see how you chocked that led to your loss.

  3. Your team was so in love taking 3 point shot, then how could the referee slapped ginebra with a foul? Bay area coach should review the game himself ..but that's basketball, if you lose referees took the blame but if you win credits goes to the players and coach

  4. PBA should do some action regarding those comments by the players and slap a huge penalty

  5. Ifgyou win(dragons) officiating is good,if you loose officiating is bad,how come you keep on complaining just play and give your best man,for us you mess w/the wrong team ( ginebra)!

  6. On that last 4 mins you guys missed a lot of long shots so why complain…? The refs are just human .. ther were calls that goes on your favor too.. take a shower n rest..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  7. Coach, you blew up lead while the other team piled up cleat points... the momentum shifted in thoer favor.

  8. goorjan - grow up, bud. before your bellyaches come snowballing at you. or just shuddup your filthy mouth.