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Nonito Donaire Jr. called out by dad, accused for being 'ungrateful'

Nonito Donaire is apparently at odds with his dad again. Showtime (file photo)
By Stewart Tan

MANILA—Another feud is brewing between Nonito Donaire Jr. and his father, Nonito Donaire Sr.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Donaire Sr. said he cannot believe about the treatment given to him by Donaire Jr. recently.

"I can’t believe that you raised a kid and now that he has more money than his parents, are can afford to raised his voice toward his father who molded him of what he is right now," said Donaire Sr. 

"I was talking about Nonito Jr., the ungrateful son. He was a jobless man until he became a world champion," he added.

Donaire Sr. further said that he was the one who trained Donaire Jr. during the early years of his boxing career but suddenly left him when he reached the peak of his career.

"For 24 years I feed him but when he became a world champion he left me and not even telling me that he hired another trainer," the father said. 

"Now that his career is slowing down, he's blaming me of what happened to him. When he was on top of his boxing career, not even a single time that he invited me of his victory party. Never!" he added.

The latest feud among the Donaires could have stemmed from Donaire Sr. training Filipino fighter Reymart Gaballo, who could be Donaire Jr.'s opponent in the future for the world title.

"I told him, it is nothing personal. I have a family to feed," Donaire Sr. said.

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