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1-on-1 basketball event strikes on Labor Day

By Dugout Philippines

MANILA—Basketball, indeed, never ends in the Philippines.

There is, of course, the regular five on five basketball and the rise in popularity in recent years of 3x3 basketball.

On May 1, the King of the Court will be staging the Manila Brawl, a 1 on 1 basketball tournament at the Boost Basketball in Caloocan.

Although Filipinos have always been known to have started playing 1 on 1 basketball in their sand lot or barangay basketball courts, they will have to acquaint themselves with the rules of organized 1 on 1 basketball which will be in play during the Manila Brawl.

Some of these rules include having to check the ball with a bounce pass behind the three point line at the start of every possession, no dribbling from the side or backing down an opponent for more than three seconds, and three foul disqualification.

One-on-one basketball affords a player only one possession at a time, meaning, if a player misses a shot or the ball goes out of bounds, the possession automatically transfers to the other player. 

The Manila Brawl will have three categories. These are the Open, the Under 16 Male, and the Female categories. 

For the qualifying or preliminary rounds, the game will be race to 5 points or a time limit of 5 minutes. The length of the game increases in the quarterfinals and semifinals which will be a race to 9 points or a time limit of 7 minutes.

In the finals, a player has to score 11 points to emerge champion or be ahead on points after 10 minutes of play. 

The Manila Brawl is organized by King of the Court in partnership with respected local coach Kalvin Sangalang.

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