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Blacklist extinguishes Burn x Flash, returns to MSC Finals


Photo from Moonton

by Drew Malihan

PHNOM PENH - With the Queen in command of the newly-released hero Novaria, the Agents made an Astral Recall to the promised land.

Johnmar "OhMyV33nus" Villanuna leads Blacklist International to the 2023 MLBB Southeast Asia Cup Finals as they stopped home team Burn x Flash, three games to one, inside the AEON Mall.

Despite the Cambodian side targeting all of OhMyV33nus's main heroes and even denying her of the Lolita in Game 1, the surprise Novaria pick made wonders for the Filipino contingent, gettng the MVP nod with a 6/2/9 performance.

Her midlane partner Kenneth Carl "Yue" Tadeo also made wonders with the Valentina, getting six kills and seven assists in his name, teaming with OhMyV33nus on the huge play despite on a two-against-four disadvantage.

Burn x Flash were left unfazed though as they dealt a 16-to-9 beatdown of Blacklist, as Ty "D7" Oudom made crucial plays with the Kaja, while Filipino gold laner Mariusz "Donut" Tan get the MVP nod with a 11/2/3 outing from the Lesley.

The MPL Cambodia champions made sure to not repeat the same mistakes again as they were in the same scenario as Game 1, only this time taking the remaining two Blacklist players out.

It was a different story in Game 3, as Blacklist ups the series with Edward Jay "Edward" Dapadap making significant plays with the Joy while making a 6/1/5 MVP performance.

Tadeo once again bossed the midlane as the former MHRLK player grabs a perfect 13.0 KDA ratio without a single death.

Blacklist made a quicker work in Game 4 as they executed a 10-1 masterclass against Burn x Flash, while preventing the latter to secure any main objective.

It was V33nus's Novaria that made wonders but Tadeo's Kagura and Lee Howard "Owl" Sanchez's Brody dealt huge damage towards the Cambodian side with KDAs of 4/1/4 and 2/0/3, respectively.

With the win, the Agents secured their second MSC finals appearance and will wait for the winner between ONIC Esports and Echo, while Burn x Flash will be relegated to the third place matchup.

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