New regions, wildcard slots to spice up M5 Worlds in PH

by  Drew Malihan

PHNOM PENH - As the Philippines will host the M5 World Championship late in 2023, Moonton announced several changes in the slots available in various regions before the finals of the 2023 MLBB Southeast Asia Cup inside the AEON Mall.

Eleven regions will have automatic slots in the group stages as MPL regions in Philippines and Indonesia will get two spots each while MPL regions in Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and Middle East and North Africa will grab one each.

Turkey's MTC tournament and North America's NACT will see their champion go to M5 as well as the MLBB Continental Championship (MCC) to see the representative for the combined CIS and Central Asia region.

Myanmar however will still do their regional qualifiers in search for their representative, with no new announcements for their MPL as of this writing.

MPL Brazil and the two MLBB Latam Super Leagues will not see direct qualifiers as their top teams have to secure one of the two allotted spots from the Liga Latam championships.

Several new regions will get their chance for a last gasp qualification as Moonton introduced the Wildcard rounds to determine the last two teams to complete the group stage cast.

Aside from Liga Latam's third placers and the runners-up from MPL Malaysia and MCC, South Asia will get a spot as teams from Bangladesh and Nepal will see action in Season 2 of MLBB Champion Battles.

Mongolia will get their own qualifying tournament while the Mekong region, composed of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Brunei, will get their qualifying tournament as well.

There are still two regions that will see their debut in M5, although the regions will be announced on a later date.

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