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Sibol MLBB team dominates Bangladesh, Kazakhstan to wrap IESF Asian qualis

by Drew Malihan

RIYADH - The Philippines national Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team asserted their dominance early on as they secure two sweeps against Bangladesh and Kazakhstan inside the Riyadh Boulevard on Monday.

The team, composed of the main five of Bren Esports plus GameLab's Jan "XBOCT" Amande started their qualifying campaign in Saudi Arabia with a quick 2-0 thumping of Bangladesh who were represented by Red Viperz Esports.

Not even a five-man tenacity strategy pulled the upset in Game 2 as despite getting early kills, notably a solo kill from Tanvir Hossain "Xecution" Shaon on Marco "Super Marco" Requitano, the Filipinos get the job done against the Bangladeshis with two games under 11 and a half minutes.

The Kazakhs met the same fate but rather off-stream as the Philippines also gave them a 0-2 beatdown with them pulling off an Angela and a Floryn against the players from Rukh Esports, with both games ending under 14 minutes.

Sibol will try to finish the group stage on top as they will take on host Saudi Arabia with five players from their local MPL franchise tomorrow.

In other news, Mongolia led Group A as the Team Lilgun-backed squad tripped Nepal and gave Cambodia an upset, with both coming in 2-0 sweeps.

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