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MHRLK Esports debuts in MDL-PH, reverse sweeps AP Bren Hornets

Photo from MHLRK Esports

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Another new face has arrived and takes over the hornets' nest.

It take three long games for newcomers MHRLK Esports to send their message to the MLBB Developmental League - Philippines (MDL-PH) scene as they came back from a game down to win against AP Bren Hornets on Tuesday.

MHRLK Esports benched perennial EXP laner Drin "Dr1nsanity" Fontanilla and opted for Michael "Granzuu" Granzo as the main man while Arvin "Chowi" Arcangel sits out with MJ "Sh4rpp" Vasquez facing Granzuu.

The Royal Bloods and the Hornets squared off with a 24-minute long first game that saw them AP Bren lose all turrets to MHLRK 6, and taking more neuutral objectives

A final five-man clash near the MHRLK base sends AP Bren Hornets to a 1-0 advantage with roamer Robin "Yobabz" Benedicto assisting all ten kills without a single death with his Grock.

The second game saw a low-scoring 14-9 advantage for MHLRK, who went on to win the game after 41 grueling minutes, with them getting four of six lords despite losing the early game advantage with the turtle, 1-2 to AP Bren.

Edriel "Minguin" Gallantes' Novaria did wonders for the Royal Bloods as the grabbed three kills and 10 assists in the entire game, including a snipe against Tommy "Kingfrenzy" Tolentino's Lancelot in the last lord dance, which prompt Kelvin "Kelvin" Chen to take the objective by himself.

Aldrin "Seiji" Damian also helped big for MHRLK as he grabbed eight kills with only three deaths to his name.

MHRLK went to more standard picks with a jungle Lancelot and a roamer Chou, while AP Bren Hornets opted for more durability with a jungle Fredrinn, a Grock, and am Edith.

Despite both losing eight turrets, MHRLK takes all three turtles and two of possible four lords with Granzuu's Terizla getting the MVP nod with a 2/2/9 record and 71 percent kill participation.

MHRLK will try to make it 2-0 with their second game on Thursday against RSG Mistah, while AP Bren Hornets will take on a familiar face in Euphoria Esports.

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