MWF Road to Fate spoiler-free review

The MWF roster takes a photo together after a successful staging of Road to Fate. Ivan Saldajeno
By Ivan Saldajeno

IT'S been a while since this website posted some pro wrestling content.

Well, I was invited to watch and cover the MWF Road to Fate fight card on Sunday night at the Power Mac Spotlight in Makati.

Road to Fate is one of MWF's three major wrestling shows, that is, most of the storylines often have huge plot twists happening in either of these shows.

Road to Fate saw the return of MWF veteran Rex Lawin and a heated encounter between Robin Sane and Fabio Makisig for Fabio's MWF title.

I'm not at liberty to spoil the results just yet (although you might have seen some already), but let me run down some of my observations during the event... all while I'm still in sorrow that England still failed to bring football home.

Storyline Twist of the Night: Super Friends vs. Jomar Liwanag

The guy formerly known as Purple Shirt, who now goes by the name Aaron, was absorbed into Jomar Liwanag's Bahay ng Liwanag faction.

However, due to some storyline "violations", Aaron was kicked out of the "church", but Super P, which he held hostage, and El Katipunero adopted him to their own team and became the "Super Friends".

As the Super Friends became more cohesive as the day went by, Jomar challenged them to a 3-on-1 handicap match at Road to Fate.

As much as I don't wanna spill what happened, you wrestling fans probably understand how this match ends usually.

But my concentration here is on how they really made Aaron the star of the match. I commend the wrestlers for their efforts in putting Aaron over in the match, especially the plot twist in the end.

One thing I'm interested in Aaron, though, is that he remains in character during fan pics, whether as the serious guy with Bahay ng Liwanag, the jolly guy in Super Friends, or even in his "confused" self.

In an indie wrestling promotion that puts much emphasis on storylines like MWF, that's a good step.

Fight of the Night... first, the runner-up: Dabid Ravena vs. Ken Cifer

I'll be honest in saying that I really considered the Dabid Ravena-Ken Cifer match as Fight of the Night.

The fight was absolutely bonkers and for a mid-card bout, that really brought the fans' hype up ahead of the main event.

I won't spoil who won and what transpired (save for the fact that I was still hoping for England to bounce back against Spain in the FIFA Women's World Cup final while watching them) because the Road to Fate card will be shown on MWF's Aksyonovela TV at RJ TV's Rock of Manila channel next month.

Fight of the Night: Fabio vs. Sane

Dabid Ravena-Ken Cifer was my strong consideration for Fight of the Night until the main event happened.

With how both Fabio and Robin performed in the bout, I was totally surprised why they agreed to such an outcome.

How they battled deserved more than the result they agreed to for me, but that means they really deserve to headline Road to Fate.

Biggest Winner: Oro Plata Mata

The night, however, belongs to Oro Plata Mata.

Being a relatively new faction, they needed a major show to solidify their presence, and Road to Fate was the near-perfect avenue for that.

Without spoiling everything, OPM was everywhere during the event (OK, I might have hinted probably the result of two matches involving OPM members),  even recruiting a new member in Ravena (How did they do so? Just watch the broadcast next month). 

All roads lead to the next Aksyonovela taping and Noche Buena to see how OPM could become stronger... or maybe weaker?

Speaking of Noche Buena, MWF returns to Power Mac Spotlight on Dec. 3 for the pre-Christmas card. Just watch the MWF broadcast to see how the said show could take shape.

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