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ONIC Arsenals starts MDL-PH S2 campaign with win vs. Minana Archives

Photo from ONIC Arsenals

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - ONIC Arsenals campaign for redemption begins on a high note as they take down Minana Archives, two games to none, in their MLBB Developmental League (MDL-PH) Season 2 debut on Wednesday.

Minana Archives kept their main five from their game against TNCZ4 yesterday, while new-look ONIC PH's MDL team kept Jerry Ian "Chovyy" Nicol along with a new roster from Lazy iDolls.

Both Minana and ONIC kept their first game close with Archives getting a slight lead during the second lord take in the 13th minute.

Salvick "Kouzen" Tolarba's Beatrix took down Chovyy's Valentina but with a huge cost as Jefferdson "kkdot" Mogol's set with his Khufra led to him and John Clarence "Milktea" Cabaron going down.

From there ONIC Arsenals never looked back as they get the crucial second lord and went straight to Minana's base to get their first win, with James "Jamespanks" Mendoza getting the MVP nod with a 3/0/10 performance with the Hayabusa.

It was a different second game as ONIC Arsenals showed a dominant side with a 15-4 outing against Minana Archives with Jamespanks getting another MVP in his name with a 4/1/8 KDA in the Lancelot..

ONIC took control of the game from the get-go, punishing the midlane duo in Martin Kian "Sanaaa" Viray's Ruby and Josh Ian "Daizo" Alburo's Pharsa, with Chovyy's Valentina once more taking over the midlane gameplay capped with no deaths and eight assists in his name.

The Arsenals will meet defending champs ECHO Proud next Tuesday, while Minana Archives, down 0-2, will try to get their first win also on Tuesday against Blacklist Academy LTX.

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