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RSG Mistah grabs 2nd win with reverse sweep vs. MHRLK

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - RSG Mistah hold on despite a game down to take their second win in the MLBB Developmental League - Philippines (MDL-PH) Season 2 against MHRLK Esports on Thursday.

Both teams made no changes to their lineup, which saw them take their first wins in Blacklist Lunatix and AP Bren Hornets, respectively, on Tuesday.

MHRLK executed a dominant first game in 14 and a half minutes with fifteen kills to RSG Mistah's three, as both squads fielded a lineup with four Flicker spells and one Retribution handler, but the former grabs all major neutral objectives and lost just two turrets in the process.

Michael "Granzuu" Granzo's 3/1/9 KDA performance gave him the MVP nod with his Terizla, including notabble Penalty Zones, with Edriel "Minguin" Gallantes' Novaria giving two kills and nine assists to his name.

RSG Mistah went to a standard draft with a Lethal Injection-powered Kadita in the midlane for Jayson "UKIR" Alupit, while MHRLK went flex with two fighters in Fredrinn and Martis jungle, and a pocket pick in a Gord for Minguin.

The MHLRK midlaner went five kills and six assists and only one death with the Gord but the cheese pick went to naught as RSGM dominated the map, getting two lords in the process despite having a 9-to-14 kill score deficit.

Joshua "WAN 6" Fajardo went berserk with the Beatrix as he took MVP honors with a clean six kills and three assists to his name including three in the final lord dance attempt in the 22nd minute.

The Raiders went for a dominant third game, getting all but one turtle in their side and finished the game in under fifteen minutes, 12 kills to just four from MHRLK.

It was WAN 6 in the Beatrix once more who got the MVP nod with four kills and four assists, while Denniel Denison "xNova" Gomez's Chou provided nine assists in the game.

RSG Mistah, will try to extend their streak as they will face Euphoria Esports on Tuesday, while MHRLK will try to bounce back as they will be toe to toe with Minana Archives on Wednesday.

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