RSG Mistah sweeps Blacklist Academy LTX in MDL-PH debut

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - The new kids on the block takes over the Academy.

RSG Mistah arrives on the MLBB Developmental League scene with a clean 2-0 outing against Blacklist Academy Lunatix to start their campaign on Tuesday.

Both teams, who took over the affiliated slots from RSG Philippines and Blacklist Academy, fielded new faces from the amateur scene as with the case of RSG Mistah, while Blacklist chose to sit out Kyle Dominic "Dominic" Soto, Kent Xavier "Kevier" Lopez, and Ian Jakob "Rindo" Seguiran.

Despite a close 11-7 score in the kills department, the early game takeover from RSG Mistah, the Raiders strike hard in map control, getting all six neutral objectives while only losing two turrets in the entire 17 minutes.

Joshua "WAN 6" Fajardo executed a perfect 6/0/3 game with an assassin-emblem laden Beatrix armed with Tenacity while Denniel Denison "xNova" Gomez went 2/0/6 with a Novaria on roam.

Both teams engaged in a more explosive second game, with RSG Mistah opting for more sets with a roamer Chou, a Terizla, and an Yve, while Blacklist LTX went with an EXP laner Joy and an unorthodox combo of Rafaela and Franco.

RSG Mistah executed the same result as Game 1, getting all major objectives and losing two towers in 17 minutes despite having more clashes and dives that resulted in a 21-11 outing in the former's favor.

Blacklist Academy's heal-centered lineup cannot hold on to a more flank-oriented RSG Mistah lineup, with John David "J.D." Osorio and Eduard "Larvs" Baylen falling down a combined 10 times.

It was Jayson "UKIR" Alupit's game to take as his Yve took the MVP nod with a 4/0/15 record including crucial Real World Manipulation plays during teamfights, including one that sealed the deal for RSG Mistah.

RSGM will take another newcomer in MHRLK Esports on Thursday, while the next Blacklist Academy class will commence tomorrow against Smart Omega NEOS.

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