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TNCZ4 soldiers on vs. Minana Archives to start MDL-PH campaign

Photo from TNC Pro Team / Z4 Esports

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Two gruesome battles, but the army stand still.

TNCZ4's arrival to the MLBB Developmental League - Philippines (MDL-PH) starts with a win as they cleared Minana Archives 2-0 to start their regular season campaign on Tuesday.

Both teams, who are affiliated with TNC Pro Team and Minana EVOS respectively, fielded new faces in the Land of Dawn, with a revamped MDL roster for the Phoenix Army from Z4 Esports and Digital Devils, as well as world beaters Archives Esports for Minana.

The Army started the game strong with a jungle Fredrinn for Jamir Vayne "Nasty Wayne" Balingit and a surprise Vale midlane for Erwin "Vinn" Franco.

It was Vinnn who created the most havoc for the Phoenix Army as he contributed to all but one of 13 total kills for TNCZ4 against their opponents, mostly through the Windblow: Control and Windstorm: Death combo that forces three Minana Archives heroes to build Athena's Shields to their arsenal.

The midlaner secured MVP honors, while Neal Allen "Kuro" Caca contributed with three kills and seven assists to his name.

It was a longer second game for both teams, with Minana Archives keeping the Yve, Terizla, and Atlas to their lineup while TNCZ4 went to perennial meta pick Pharsa along with a jungle Martis and a Beatrix.

Despite losing all three turtles to the Phoenix Army, Minana held on and almost ended the game in their favor but Kuro's Beatrix's ultimate defense against Gellert Mackenzie "Briskzzz" Pangilinan's Lancelot saved the day with a crucial pickoff in the 16th minute.

With TNCZ4 advancing in the 22nd minute, Kuro aimed against Josh Ian "Daizo" Alburo's Yve that almost costed his life but has the Immortality popped just in time to save himself in the process and forced Salvick "Kouzen" Tolarba to go out and be taken down.

With only three Minana Archives players to defend, TNCZ4 locked their aim at the opponent's base to end the game in 23 minutes, with Kuro's heroics and 5/1/8 scoreline enough to secure MVP honors.

TNCZ4 will take on defending champs ECHO Proud on Thursday for a chance at a 2-0 start, while Minana Archives will see action again tomorrow against ONIC Arsenals.

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